Again (A Zen Story)

Again - A Zen Story

A young Bull came upon a dying Dandelion in a meadow. Gazing intently, the Bull watched as each seed lifted off her head and danced into the wind.

“Why do you look so sad Toro?” asked the Dandelion.

“You are dying Dandelion. Soon all of your seeds will be gone and you will be no more.”

“Ah yes. We all grow old, get sick, and die. No one can avoid these Great Truths.” said the Dandelion, laughing.

“How can you laugh? There is no escape from this universal suffering. Surely you’ve gone mad?” asked Toro.

“To accept that there is pain is simply a fact of life dear Toro. To not accept this brings suffering.” said the Dandelion.

“But I don’t understand. How can you simply accept pain?” asked Toro.

“It seems you have forgotten the greatest Truth of all. Inside each of us is the spark of infinity. In actual fact, there can be no dying; just an end to one form and the beginning of another.” said the Dandelion, smiling.

“This sounds well and good but how can I know this to be true for me? There is still pain in the world to see, feel and know.” asked Toro.

“One must go beyond the physical pain and emotional suffering to align with the source of creation. Transcend through Love.” said the Dandelion.

“But HOW?” asked Toro, now as confused as ever.

“I will help you to remember. Imagine a golden heart on your chest spiraling towards its center. Just as an Archer focuses their eye on the center of a target, so they are ensured of hitting the bulls-eye. Focus the mind, intend on the heart, be still in the awareness. Again. Follow this and you will come to remember the Greatest Truth.”

Toro was just about to respond when the wind picked up once more and the final seed was shed from the Dandelion’s head.

In the distance, Toro could hear faint laughter being carried through the wind. He looked down upon his chest.

Focus, Intention, Awareness.



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