Buying An Oval Diamond From Enchanted Diamonds

.70ct F VS1 from Enchanted Diamonds

.70ct F VS1 from Enchanted Diamonds for $3,000


Hi Liz,

I came across your site and have found it very helpful in understanding what to look for when searching online for “the” ring. My girlfriend knows exactly what she wants and always has, which can be very intimidating when searching. Her dream ring is a 1.00ct oval diamond set in a halo ring setting with a plain slim band in white gold.

She pays special attention to how the halo diamonds are spaced and prefers them to not have much space between one to the next (little to no gaps). As for the diamond, I don’t know if a full 1.00ct is in my price range. After reading your blog and responses to others I’ve learned I may not need that, however, my only concern is how something smaller would look in the halo in regards to it appearing framed as tightly. At most, I’d like to spend $4,500 (including setting) but of course am willing to put in extra to make it the right ring for her. Any advice and direction would be MOST helpful!

Frazzled future fiance,



Hi Dave,

Thanks for letting me know your budget and what you are looking for.

I recommend Enchanted Diamonds. What do you think of this halo ring setting?

There is no gap from the halo to the center stone in this setting. The reason why so many halo settings have this gap is because many rings are pre-made and can fit a center stone with varying size dimensions. Enchanted Diamonds makes each ring to custom fit your center stone, so this will not be an issue.

If you like the above setting for $2,090, then you have roughly $3K remaining for the loose oval. Here are a few recommendations for you:

.71ct G VS2 for $2,820.00:

.70ct F VS1 for $3,000.00:

or this .72 G VVS2 for $3,170.00:

All the above oval shaped diamonds have beautiful light performance and minimal dark arrow contrast bow-tie. The ASET images for these ovals show minimal light leakage and overall nice distribution of light reflection.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,



Hey Liz!

I bought the .70ct F VS1. Thank you so, so very much!! I am supposed to receive the ring soon. We strolled by a jewelry shop today and from your websites knowledge, all I could think is what a crock these places are. I feel so smart in purchasing a larger diamond at a better price online than I could of afforded in a jewelry store but am paying for it in nervousness in not actually seeing it, just hoping it’s everything I think it is. Secrets are SO hard!! I want to tell her every chance I get.

Thank you for all of your help!!


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