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“Putting It All Together – Making A Smart, Safe, and Savvy Online Purchase”

ODBA is here to help you find your perfect ideal cut diamond the easiest way possible. For those of you that prefer to do your research on your own I suggest you start with my Diamond Education articles and read up on more specific subjects on color grades, clarity grades, carat weight, different diamond lab  certifications and reports, diamond fluorescence and even the very common question of white gold vs. platinum metal settings.

ODBA Diamond Q&A’s

Many readers also enjoy my weekly Diamond Q&A posts where I go into detail about an individual’s personal diamond requirements and answer their questions.  You’ll find that you are not alone with your questions and you might learn an extra thing or two! Reader’s ask me anything from how to get the best bang for their buck diamond to which engagement ring setting would look best. I even consult on custom jewelry creations and offer my advice on what works and what doesn’t. It’s a valuable resource as we can all learn from each other.

ODBA Diamond Website Reviews

When you are ready to really find your perfect diamond, read up on my 5-star recommended diamond vendors and their reviews. It’s not easy to make my 5-star list, as each vendor really has to prove themselves with consistency in quality diamonds, quality jewelry craftsmanship, excellent and polite customer service, fair – low prices, and the biggest one of all – whether I would personally purchase from them (and I have to admit I’m a customer too!). Overall, each vendor has their specialties and as everyone is different there will surely be a diamond retailer that offers exactly what you are looking for.

ODBA Diamond Search

Finally, when you feel confident and fully immersed in all there is to know about diamonds, don’t miss out on ODBA’s one-of-a-kind Diamond Search. This search tool was a labor of love based on my years of working with clients and searching for diamonds online. All diamonds have magnified images, and some have extra information like ASET, Ideal-scope, hearts and arrows and even HD videos!

ODBA’s ‘The Diamond Genie’

Be sure to check out ODBA’s ‘The Diamond Genie’ to help tighten your diamond search for only the best proportioned diamonds. This fun little tool works as a virtual ‘me’ in helping guide you towards your perfect ideal cut diamond every time. The Diamond Genie is the only fully transparent diamond search aid that recommends specific cut proportion ranges based on a diamond’s shape. All diamond search results include ideal cut diamonds with personalized color/clarity grade recommendations. Talk about EASY DIAMOND BUYING!

Personal Diamond Consulting

Most people will be able to find their perfect diamond given all the tools I’ve just outlined above, however some prefer to have one-on-one personal service and for those very discerning individuals I offer personal diamond consulting to help you make your decision a smart, safe and savvy one. Just contact me for more information!

Diamond Deal Friday – DDF!

If a personal consultation is not your thing, then Diamond Deal Friday is perfect for those of you that prefer to stay anonymous. It’s a great way to stay on top of all the latest diamond deals online. You can learn more about it and get instant access to last week’s curated list of diamonds here.

Your Diamond Journey

Over the years I’ve worked with so many wonderful people across the globe and it is truly a humbling experience to know that I’ve played a very small part in your precious oaths, memories and dreams. I wanted to create a page that thanks YOU the reader for deciding to put your trust in me. ODBA’s Applause is where I share my happy readers and client’s pictures and stories. The applause goes both ways, for both you and me as I’m humbled and honored to have worked with so many interesting and wonderful people.

So, that’s it for now – you have plenty to do to keep yourself busy for awhile. Please do connect with me via Twitter, Facebook or Google + so I can put a face to a name and feel free to sign up for my free tips, advice, and free diamond recommendations here. I look forward to working with you!

Happy Diamond Buying!

Liz Hancock

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