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Enchanted Diamonds

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As technology continues to advance and online shoppers demand more in the way of quality, guarantees, and top-of-the-line service, more and more online retailers are meeting and exceeding these expectations. One such up and comer is

One look at the Enchanted Diamonds search tool and a consumer immediately understands that this is not your typical diamond vendor. Indeed they are not. Functionality like this comes only through knowing who your customer base is and what they are looking for. Enchanted Diamonds is leading the pack with high resolution magnified HD pictures and videos along with ASET, Ideal-scope, and hearts and arrows images of their diamonds. They know their market; only the savviest of diamond buyers that demand full transparency, top cut proportions, gorgeous light return, and low low prices.

Since EnchantedDiamonds is still fairly new to the very competitive world of virtual diamond shopping I wanted to know more about their business, how they came to be, and what makes them special. What follows is a very endearing and revealing look into the history of Enchanted Diamonds as told by Co-Founder, Jon Las. ODBA readers, enjoy!

Getting To Know Enchanted Diamonds – Q&A With Co-Founder Jon Las

Liz: Let’s start off with getting to know who is behind

Jon: The co-founders of Enchanted Diamonds are Joshua Niamehr and myself (Jonathan Las). Josh comes from a tech and diamond & jewelry background. He was an early team member of Live Profile, a messenger app that sold to blackberry in 2011. I come from a finance background and was a trader and analyst at a hedge fund and later an investment bank.

Liz: Your website says that Enchanted Diamonds was established in 1874, so can you provide the history of the evolution of Enchanted Diamonds?

Jon: The company traces its roots and tradition back to 1874. Josh’s family got its start in Tehran, when his Great-Great-Grandmother, known as “Madame Broker”, saw a void in the market and began working as a middleman between diamond dealers and those looking to buy loose stones. At a time when it was unheard of for a woman to work in Iran, she began connecting diamond dealers offering only the finest cut stones to customers looking to purchase diamonds. She was a buyers agent, ensuring the best price at the highest quality. This is a tradition we proudly continue.

My Great-Great-Grandfather was a diamond dealer in Poland. During World War II my Great-Uncle and Grandmother were able to smuggle in and conceal family diamonds while interned in concentration camps in Germany. The diamonds allowed my grandparents to leave Germany at the end of the war and begin a new life in America. My family’s story illustrates how invaluable a diamond really can be.

Our family histories give us a sense of pride and purpose in what we do. It’s why we won’t sell any diamond, ring, or piece of jewelry that doesn’t meet our standards. Every Enchanted Diamonds diamond or ring we sell is meant to be cherished and protected for the next generation.

Liz: Wow, that is really special. Where does the name ‘Enchanted Diamonds’ come from?

We believe every diamond and piece of jewelry we sell tells a story; a fairy tale story. The name Enchanted Diamonds was derived from this concept. We want to help our customers write their fairy tale story. As the dictionary definition of Enchanted describes, our diamonds and jewelry can both attract and hold the attention of someone, and put a magical, eternal love spell on them.

“We treat every diamond and piece of jewelry we sell like its a billboard in Times Square.” – Jon Las,

Liz: Why doesn’t Enchanted Diamonds own any physical diamond inventory? Do you see this as an advantage or disadvantage to the diamond marketplace/your business/to the consumer?

Jon: Enchanted Diamonds made the decision to carry no physical inventory to give us a significant competitive advantage with customers and competition.

Our strict no physical inventory policy guarantees our customers:

– a large selection diamonds

custom made rings and jewelry of the highest quality

– we have no conflicts of interest in selling any products

– significant savings to our customers (get better quality, bigger diamonds for your budget)

We are always 100% honest and completely transparent. Holding no physical inventory ensures that we never have any conflicts of interests with our customers in providing guidance and recommendations.

Our “agent” model guarantees our customers get the best diamonds for their unique needs and budgets. While we would love every customer to spend more with us, our ultimate goal is creating happy, lifelong customers. If there is a better diamond matching a customers needs for less money, we will recommend they buy the lower priced stone every time.
Operationally, holding no physical inventory gives us an advantage against our competitors in not having to carry high inventory costs and reducing our inventory risk to zero. Our lean operational structure/low overhead allows us to pass significant savings to our customers, ensuring phenomenal value on every purchase.

This structure also enables us to custom make each ring we sell, creating a masterpiece tailor-made for the selected diamond and finger size. We will never make cookie-cutter “one size fits all”, mass produced rings, that are all too common in retail. We believe the diamond is the main event, and you build a ring or any piece of jewelry around the diamond. We think the force-feeding of diamonds into mass produced rings leads to an inferior product not allowing the full beauty of a diamond to stand out.

Liz: Is it possible for a diamond to be chosen from your website only to find out that it was sold to someone else from another website? If so, what can be done about this?

Jon: Unfortunately, this can happen from time to time. We’ve experienced this about 10 times in the past 2.5 years. It’s the only downside to having a completely dynamic virtual inventory. We state on our site and reiterate to customers that the diamonds listed on are in the spot market and subject to price fluctuations and availability. But, with the large inventory we have, we are confident we can always find a comparable stone, if not a better alternative all together.

Liz: Does Enchanted Diamonds visually inspect the diamonds/jewelry before sending to a customer or is the ring drop-shipped? Can you offer insight into how your business model works?

Jon: Yes, Enchanted Diamonds inspects each and every stone before setting in a piece of jewelry or shipping to customers. We have two GIA gemologists on staff who make sure every diamond we sell matches the certificate.

Enchanted Diamonds NEVER drop ships. This strict policy ensures the quality and authenticity of every item we sell.
What sets us apart from Blue Nile and our other competitors is our unwavering policy to never sell a customer a bad diamond. We’re not solely in the business of selling for selling sake. We’ve live chatted, spoke on the phone, and gone to retailers in person who were ready and eager to sell us the first item we liked.

We will never sell a poor quality diamond. In the past 2.5 years 99% of the diamonds we have sold have been Excellent cut quality. This is why we’ve had less than 5 returns in the past 2.5 years. We would rather not make a sale rather than besmirch our name simply to make a sale.

We treat every diamond and piece of jewelry we sell like its a billboard in Times Square. It’s this obsession with quality and perfection that drives us and creates happy, lifelong customers, that would never think to go anywhere else. Our reviews are a testament to this fact. Most of our competitors have reviews that are 2-4 sentences mainly discussing the price of the item they bought. Our reviews are essays about the personal connection, our salespeople’s tireless effort, and our commitment to getting every customer the best diamond and jewelry for their unique needs and budget.

Liz: How often are your virtual diamonds updated on your website?

Jon: Our virtual inventory is updated daily in the very early AM hours EST. Sometimes we update the inventory in the afternoon as well, if we bring a new supplier online or notice something in the inventory.

Liz: Can you tell me about the process of a typical engagement ring order? For example, is the engagement ring made-to-order specifically for the loose diamond chosen?

Yes, every ring is made to order for the selected diamond and ring size. We tailor make each ring to fully display the center stones beauty. We hand select and match stones.

A typical engagement ring order begins with the diamond search. We believe the diamond is the main event and customers should always select the diamond first. Once the diamond is selected, we help customers find a ring setting to compliment the center stone that matches their unique tastes and preferences. We then make a 3D rendering of the ring featuring their selected diamond. Once a customer approves of the design, we 3D print the ring and inspect it for quality control. If the ring meets our lofty standards, the ring is then cast, then polished, then the center stone is set along with any side stones, we then polish the ring again and thoroughly inspect each ring before sending it out to the customer. At every step of our manufacturing process, we inspect the ring before moving on to the next step. This ensures our rings are of the highest quality every time.

We are constantly adding to and updating our ring collection. We try to educate customers as to why it’s often better to select a ring from our catalog versus custom designing their own ring. Unfortunately, we all are not born ring designers. While we do custom design work we find too often that customers expectations of a custom designed ring often exceed what is actually possible and feasible in ring design and production.

Liz: What is your ‘Enchanted Diamonds Cut Score’ and why is this important?

Jon: Cut Score is a number based on an advanced math formula created by Enchanted Diamonds that tells you how well a diamond is cut. Cut Scores can range from 0 to 100. Diamonds below a Cut Score of 50 will very rarely be seen on our site. A Cut Score of 100 means this is a perfectly cut stone, with ideal light return, brilliance, fire, and sparkle. We never recommend considering a diamond with a Cut Score below 70. From 70 to 80 we evaluate case by case depending on the individual clients needs.

You can use Cut Score to quickly find the highest quality diamonds, buy with confidence, and save money in the process.

Liz: Do you have ASET, ideal-scope, and hearts and arrows images (if applicable) for your diamonds?

Jon: At the moment, we have HD 360 degree videos of almost 20,000 diamonds. Select diamonds have ASET, ideal-scope, and hearts and arrows images.

Enchanted Diamonds

Enchanted Diamonds provides magnified images, ideal – scope images (evaluate cut precision), and ASET (angular spectrum evaluation tool) for light performance. Along with this, ideal cut round brilliant diamonds have hearts and arrows images to ensure perfect optical symmetry. With all this information at your finger tips, it makes diamond buying easy, fun and stress free.

As the company has grown, we’ve seen the value in giving our customers the most information, data, and videos and images as possible. Enchanted Diamonds is committed to giving customers all the information they need to buy confidently. We are working with an increasing number of suppliers who are happy to provide more data, videos, and images of their stones.

Liz: Who are Enchanted Diamond’s biggest competitors?

Jon: In no particular order, we view our biggest competitors as James Allen, Ritani, and Brilliant Earth. These are the only companies we view as attempting to innovate in this archaic industry.

Liz: What would you say makes Enchanted Diamond’s different/better to Tiffany’s?

Jon: Tiffany’s is a phenomenal company that has created an incredibly recognized brand. What makes us better than Tiffany’s is our value and the ability to buy exactly what you want, not the diamond + ring combination they are trying to sell.

Our large inventory ensures that no matter what you’re searching for, we can maximize your budget and get you the best value for your money.

What would cost $25,000 at Tiffany’s would cost around $10,000 with us.

A customers budget is their budget, and we’ve learned that our customers aren’t going to spend less and will only spend a little bit more. With Enchanted Diamonds you can get larger carat and higher quality diamonds for your budget than you can at traditional retailers and many of our competitors. We let our customers budgets go much further!

Liz: Do you offer an easy financing option?

Jon: Yes, we currently offer simple financing via GetFinancing. Providing our customers with access to multiple vendors who accommodate a wide range of credit scores. For customers who don’t meet the requirements of the various GetFinancing lenders, we also offer Paypal Bill Me Later.

We also offer a flexible 6 month layaway plan direct with customers.

Why ODBA Recommends Enchanted Diamonds

Enchanted Diamonds simply offers everything a savvy diamond buyer would want. Their website offers the latest and greatest in technology allowing the at-home buyer to easily peruse thousands of HD diamond videos, magnified images not to mention light performance information like ASET, ideal-scope, and hearts and arrows images. This is complete 100% transparency – just the way diamond buying should be.

HD Video from

Enchanted Diamonds offers magnified HD videos to make diamond buying transparent and easy.

But Enchanted Diamonds offers more than just honesty in their selling practices.

Enchanted Diamonds is founded on the strong principles of integrity, respect, and a true desire to sell only the very best that has been passed down through each co-founder’s family lineage and story. Afterall, we purchase and gift diamonds because we want to offer something precious to be cherished and remembered. Working with a company that stands by these principles is just icing on the cake.

Would Love To See:

As continues to innovate and grow I’ve no doubt they will continue to stand out against the rest. However, there is always room for improvement and a great feature that would be especially helpful to newbie and veteran diamond buyers would be to see recently purchased rings set in their custom settings. Why not show off the bling?

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