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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Buying an engagement ring or loose diamond is stressful. When you are spending thousands on one purchase you can see the value in having a professional working for YOU, not the dealer or retailer.

I’ve worked in the diamond and jewelry industry and have a DGA aka Diamond Diploma (more on that here). I know how to buy diamonds specifically on the internet for thousands of dollars cheaper than most brick and mortar jewelry stores without sacrificing quality. I’ve helped thousands of first time diamond buyers and savvy consumers just like you.

Here’s The Deal:

Not all diamond websites are the same (check out my Blue Nile Review for a taste of how I evaluate retailers) and I know who sells the best top quality diamonds that are guaranteed to have insane sparkle at low prices. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Most people don’t have a clue how to buy diamonds and often get scammed or convinced to spend more on an inferior stone.
  • Most sales reps at popular jewelry stores/websites have no idea how to evaluate and assess a diamond correctly; they incorrectly focus on color and clarity, which is definitely not as important as a diamond’s cut (more on that here).
  • Diamond Districts are NOT the best place to shop for diamonds! The industry is strife with scams including: cash only transactions, false lab reports, inflated lab reports, undisclosed treated diamonds (color treated, clarity enhanced) and overpriced lower quality gems! Just read the news!
  • Shopping for a diamond requires LOOKING at the diamond. Diamond searches should have pictures and videos in order for you to see what you are buying (check out ODBA’s diamond search to see what I mean).
  • The vast majority of diamonds are ‘average’ and don’t sparkle with life or personality, because they have been cut to retain carat weight.
  • Generally, people research diamonds and engagement rings for 3 months before a purchase – and they still aren’t 100% confident with their decision.

There’s a reason why it’s so difficult to find accurate and reliable advice anywhere. The industry is saturated with mostly old-school diamond dealers that resent the internet for making diamond buying more ethical, transparent and trustworthy. They have no clue what an ASET image is, what an ideal-scope tells you, or the science behind how a diamond sparkles. In short, they are largely clueless, and you are paying for it.

I Can’t Emphasis This Enough:

Take advantage of my education and expertise and save yourself time, stress, and most importantly CASH! My service is completely FREE to you and there is no reason not to  take advantage of getting a free consultation. What’s in it for me? Of course I get compensated for my time, here’s how.

Get A Guaranteed Gorgeous Sparkling Beautiful Diamond!

Have you been looking at a bunch of diamond websites and not sure where to start? Do you need help understanding a GIA report? Have a tight budget and need to find something fast? Need a few recommendations to weigh your options? How about a woman’s perspective on your chosen ring setting?

I do ALL this and more!

Join other smart, savvy, happy diamond buyers and feel confident that you are spending your money wisely. Fill out the form below and let me know your diamond budget and what you are looking for. I’ll take care of the rest.

“Get informed, learn what to look for, and invest in quality diamond that offers great value for money!”

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