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Hey Diamond Lovers!

I’m thrilled that you are here learning about diamonds and taking the time to do your research to ensure you get a beautiful diamond for a great price. If you and I work together you might wonder why I do what I do without asking for any payment. In fact, I get this question fairly regularly,

“Out of curiosity — how does this work for you? Do you get affiliate fees from the sites you work with?”

and my answer is yes! Huh? What does that mean? Please read on…

How Websites Are Typically Monetized

Many large websites that get a lot of natural traffic tend to monetize through advertising space. Hence, you see many banners and ads along the side-bar column, weaved through an article, or interspersed throughout a website. Most people are familiar with this. Newspapers, magazines, television, bus stations, and highways are loaded with advertising! Anywhere a massive audience congregates, rest assured there will be advertising taking advantage of the many eyes and ears available.

Another method of monetization is through affiliate links, mentioned briefly above. When a retailer wants to spread the word about their business, they will offer an affiliate marketing program for individuals to market their products and services. The retailer will offer a special code that is attached to a link which will then track clicks. Clicks are tracked through ‘cookies’ which nearly all websites use for tracking data. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

Since ODBA doesn’t accept paid advertising (I prefer a clean looking website, without any distractions, don’t you?), the only viable means to maintain the site is through affiliate links. Therefore, if you read an interesting article and click on a link to a retailer this is counted as a referral from ODBA. If you use ODBA’s diamond search tool and click on a link to a retailer, this is counted as a referral from ODBA. If I work one-on-one with you, the links in my email for recommended diamonds will have a special code to track your referral. Essentially, if you do end up purchasing a diamond or diamond jewelry from a link here at ODBA, the retailer will happily pay a commission in return for my marketing their business. It is a win-win situation.

Take Advantage – What’s In It For You?

As ODBA isn’t tied to any one diamond retailer, the search tool and educational articles are entirely for your consumption to be used for free. Diamond prices are listed exactly the same on all websites so you do not pay more by visiting ODBA or clicking on any links. There is absolutely nothing that would logically deter you from using ODBA as a valued resource to aid in your diamond search.

What’s In It For Me?

ODBA is a labor of love and everything here was created for any reader to gain a better understanding on how to purchase diamonds the smart and savvy way. I love what I do and work hard, but also need your support! It’s easy to give back and show your appreciation by clicking on your chosen diamond vendor:  Brian Gavin Diamonds, ZoaraRitani, Enchanted DiamondsLeibish&Co.  and Victor Canera immediately before you purchase from the same browser, computer, or device so that the link is tracked. If you phone your order in, please mention ODBA to your customer service rep. It costs you nothing and supports my effort.

The world is huge, but there are many individuals looking to make it a brighter, happier space by offering their talent and expertise to others simply for the joy of it. I hope that you appreciate this, and if so please support ODBA. 🙂

Happy Diamond Buying!


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