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Brian Gavin Diamonds

Home to the Cut Beyond Brilliant®
(5 / 5) specializes in top quality precision-cut hearts and arrows diamonds and custom jewelry designs for the discriminating diamond buyer. Brian Gavin is a 5th generation diamond cutter (son of master diamond cutter Ben Gavin (1929-2009) and grandson of master diamond cutter Barend Deutz (1911-1987) of Amsterdam. Their family legacy has had a significant effect on the diamond industry both in cut precision and establishing ethical precision cut quality standards.

5 Generations of Diamond Cutting Brian Gavin Diamonds

Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows Industry Accolades:

1999: Professional Jeweler Magazine

In 1999, research and standards developed by Brian were first published in an article in Professional Jeweler magazine. His findings set a new quality benchmark and created a grading system that could measure the quality of any hearts and arrows pattern cut simply and effectively.

2004: 1st International Diamond Cut Conference in Moscow, Russia

At this conference, Brian presented a paper on how Hearts and Arrows are formed and how they should be graded based on his research done with his father in 1997 through 1999. This publication and continuing commitment to setting higher H&A diamond cut standards set expectations across the industry for consistency in precision cut quality

2010: The American Society of Appraisers, Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2010, Brian Gavin was a featured speaker at the ASA International Conference Gems and Jewelry Program in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian detailed the development of his Hearts and Arrows Grading System and the strict parameters he enforces to ensure true, symmetrical hearts and arrows patterning.

In short, BGD represents the highest integrity in continued H&A precision cut diamonds and cut quality consistency. There is simply no other retailer than can compare to his exacting standards and continued commitment in offering the world’s most consistently brilliantly beautiful diamonds.

A Word About H&A Diamonds…

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are precision cut diamonds first developed in the early 80’s by Japanese diamond cutters. These diamonds are cut to such high precision that their facet reflections create overlapping kaleidoscopic patterns when viewed through a reflecting scope. The distinct ‘hearts’ and ‘arrows’ pattern came to be known as super-ideal hearts and arrows diamonds.

In 1998, Brian Gavin and his father introduced an improved version of the previous H&A cut which resulted in higher light reflection under all lighting conditions. Later in 2009, Brian launched an even more refined H&A cut which is now widle known as the ‘Cut Beyond Brilliant’ Signature H&A diamond. Diamonds in his collection include: Signature Round, Signature Cushion, Signature Princess and Signature Blue lines.

Not All H&A Diamonds Are BGD ‘Signature’ Quality:

It’s important to understand that the diamond industry does not regulate the term ‘hearts and arrows’. What this means is that many popular retailers are taking advantage of consumers ignorance and marketing diamonds that aren’t in fact diamonds with perfect optical symmetry and top light performance. Therefore, the consumer must be very discerning with whom they choose to purchase their hearts and arrows super-ideal diamond from.


None of the above examples would make the BGD ‘Signature’ H&A super-ideal cut. Hearts are not equal, homogenous and in some extreme cases actually blend together.

On the other hand, ALL BGD Signature H&A diamonds are consistently cut to precise facet patterning and proportions resulting in the same hearts and arrows pattern over and over again.


This is what a super-ideal hearts and arrows pattern should always look like. For more specific information on what to look out for, read more here.

Hearts and Arrows diamonds cost a premium but they are worth it. Here is a quick checklist to ensure that you are getting your value for money…

Consumer H&A checklist:

1. First and foremost, does the retailer actually own their in-house H&A diamonds? BGD’s own all their Signature diamonds

2. Does the retailer inscribe their brand name on the girdle of the diamond and have the brand name on the gem lab report? BGD’s inscribes all their Signature diamonds as well as brands their AGS ‘Platinum Diamond Quality’ Document (this ensures quality consistency and brand value)

3. Does the retailer offer unaltered images/picture of their H&A diamonds? BGD’s never alters their original diamond images or uses photoshop to enhance/touch up photos (read more)

4. Does the retailer hand select each and every in-house diamond to ensure quality consistency? BGD’s hand selects each diamond in their Signature line to ensure AGS ideal light performance, ideal polish and ideal symmetry along with acceptable fluorescence in the ‘Blue’ Signature line of diamonds

What does all the above mean to a consumer? The consistency in cut quality coupled with ethical selling means that your perfect hearts and arrows diamond is exactly what it’s supposed to be; the best of the best. Brian and his team offer the most consistently cut hearts and arrows diamonds online and do not have to resort to ‘cutting corners’ to entice a consumer to purchase. When you want only the finest cut diamonds, Brian Gavin and his team continue to set the highest benchmark in the industry.

H&A DiamondsCut Beyond Brilliant® 

Signature Round Hearts and Arrow Diamonds: These Signature-cut diamonds are optically balanced for maximum visual performance. Each diamond is independently graded by AGS for ideal light performance, ideal polish and ideal symmetry with the highest performance in optical contrast, brightness and scintillation.  Every diamond is laser inscribed on the girdle to ensure quality consistency and value.

Signature Cushion Hearts and Arrow Diamonds: These Signature-cut diamonds have been carefully cut and precisely formulated to achieve maximum brilliance (brightness) and fire (flashes of color). All 58 perfectly cut surfaces are cut and polished to reflect and refract light the maximum amount of light, reproducing the stunning effect of the round brilliant in a cushion cut. Peter Yanzer, head of the American Gem Society Laboratories, who has stated regarding this Gavin design, “a cushion shaped diamond with round brilliant faceting provides the highest levels of brilliance and dispersion”.

BGD Signature Cushion Cut Diamonds

BGD Signature Cushion Cut Diamonds have a consistent girdle edge, without any overly thick/thin areas offering more durablity. This is also a necessary element in optimizing brilliance, dispersion and scintillation.

Signature Princess Super-Ideal Diamonds: These Signature-cut princess diamonds have 32 facets on the pavilion, 20 facets on the crown, and 1 for the table. This specific facet configuration has been thoroughly researched by Brian Gavin, preferring the 3 chevron combination in the pavilion adding more virtual facets thus delivering the most optically balanced look for the princess diamond shape.

Signature Princess BGD 3 chevrons

All Signature BGD princess cut diamonds have 3 chevrons. These facets are located on the pavilion of the diamond and directly affect visual performance as well as affect size and volume of sparkle. Chevron facets produce ‘virtual facets’, which can be seen while observing the diamond in motion as light is reflected within the diamond.

Signature ‘Blue’ Hearts and Arrow Diamonds: These Signature-cut diamonds offer a one-of-a-kind beauty that only a fluorescent diamond can show. Brian Gavin’s gorgeous H&A super-ideal round, cushion and princess diamonds offer a superb value by offering medium to very strong blue fluorescent diamonds making them appear whiter than their true color grade when exposed to UV elements. These diamonds allow you to own a super-ideal precision cut diamond at a competitive price.

Brian Gavin Blue

Signature Advance Selection of Diamonds: BGD’s now offers the largest selection of super-ideal Hearts and Arrows diamonds on the internet by offering  three times the inventory of the best Hearts and Arrows diamonds available and the opportunity to have them delivered straight from the factory to the consumer via the AGSL, in approximately 10 days.

Advance Selection

Diamond Matched Pairs (Round, Cushion and Princess): BGD offers the easiest shopping experience for consumers looking for matched pairs of super-ideal cut round, cushion and princess cut diamonds. Consumer’s do not have to worry about carat weight, color and clarity matching as this has already been meticulously evaluated and completed for you by the BGD team.

matching diamond stud earrings

BGD’s We Do Big Rocks: BGD offers quick and easy shopping for buyers looking for ‘big rocks’ the size of 2.00ct and larger. Large precision cut diamonds are notoriously difficult to find in the marketplace but once again, BGD makes diamond shopping easy.

Designer Diamonds: Can’t find your perfect diamond? Have an old diamond that could use a make-over? Have Brian Gavin Diamonds design and cut a Cut Beyond Brilliant®  specifically for you. Learn more here.

Custom Design: Create your own special piece with BGD’s expert jewelry team. Follow a proven 7-step process to nail down your perfect sentimental design that is one-of-a-kind and truly special. This is BGD’s specialty! Learn more here.

Fancy Color Diamonds: As the public warms up to alternative diamond colors, the fancy market will continue to garner interest for the discerning diamond connoisseur, investor, and collector.

Why ODBA Recommends BGD: 

– Every Signature diamond is fully owned and held in-house (more than 2000 super ideal – loose diamonds at any give time)

– All Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle with the Brian Gavin logo and the AGS Report number

– All diamonds are conflict free

– BGD personally assesses all SI-1 and SI-2 diamonds and indicates “eye-clean” clarity

– Customers can rely on transparent and ethical unaltered magnified diamond pictures: ASET, ideal-scope,and H&A image along with a Sarin Report

– Brian Gavin offers a “diamond makeover” otherwise known as a diamond re-cutting service, turning your previous diamond to a super ideal cut H&A

– Brian offers custom jewelry design

– International Shipping and all shipments are fully insured during transit

– Lifetime diamond upgrade policy (just apply original price and pay the difference)

– BGD offers considerable cost savings as compared to traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores

Final Thoughts

It is a pleasure and honor to recommend BGD as the best of the best in super-ideal hearts and arrows cut diamonds. If you have any questions on any diamond from their Signature selection of diamonds or would simply like a 2nd opinion, please do not hesitate to ask me. Happy Diamond Buying!

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