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 More Than Half A Million Searches A Month

Did you know that there are 673,000 searches for ‘engagement rings‘ every month in the USA with Google showing more than 28,000,000 results?

If you were to put these keywords into Google you’d see popular retail websites that are more interested in selling to you than educating you. The fact is that the internet has been a blessing in that it provides vasts amount of information for any curious seeker, but also a curse in that finding the correct information is becoming more like a needle in a haystack. If you found ODBA then you are definitely on the right track! However, when it comes to purchasing diamonds, the educational learning curve is very steep. Many readers spend weeks doing their research only to be completely overwhelmed with information overload.

No Personal Consultation Required

For some individuals contacting a professional is still intimidating. Since diamonds are the ultimate luxury gift it is often stressful to contact someone you don’t know and discuss private matters such as personal finances and private details about taste. For every 1000 diamond readers online it is estimated that only 1 will actually make contact and ask for personal advice. I totally understand the need for privacy and that is why ODBA is committed to delivering consistent, accurate, reliable advice and recommendations for all diamond buyers.

What Is Diamond Deal Friday?

Diamond Deal Friday is a list of specific hand-picked ideal cut diamonds. This list is updated every Friday and represents the most popular diamond searches from ODBA.

How Do You Know What I’m Looking For?

It’s simple. If you have used The Diamond Genie for personal diamond recommendations, then I have insight into your anonymous searches and therefore know what ODBA readers are looking for in a diamond’s shape, carat weight, metal setting, and maximum budget. So, if you are looking for a .90ct round diamond and planning on setting it in a white gold setting with a budget of $6K, you not only get immediate diamond results in ODBA’s diamond search tool, but this information is also stored anonymously for my review. I use your exact input to create my personal list of recommended ideal cut diamonds. Easy? Check. Fast? Check. Conveniet? Check. Stressfree? Absolutely.

Outside of a one-on-one consultation with me, there simply is no easier way to get specific and updated ideal cut diamond recommendations specific to your search. I invite you to join ODBA’s exclusive membership and enjoy being the first to know of all the latest diamond deals, handpicked from me to you. Whether you are looking to purchase your first diamond or your third, you want to ensure you get the best your budget can buy with the current inventory available online.

ODBA’s Diamond Deal Friday has evolved into an easy way of staying on top of the best deals online before they are gone. Please sign up below to get instant access to last week’s updated Diamond Deal Friday’s ideal cut diamond recommendations…

As Always Happy Diamond Buying!


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” –
William A. Foster

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