Do Blue Nile Signature Ideal Diamonds Have Perfect Hearts And Arrows?


Hi Liz,

I am looking for an ideal cut 1.00 carat round diamond. I will probably go with the ‘Cambridge’ halo setting as well. My research so far suggests that a J color rating should be fine but I wanted to get your thoughts on that. I also want the diamond to be eye clean which I believe any clarity rating of VS1 or above should be, correct?

My budget is variable but I would like to take advantage of the twelve month interest free offer from Blue Nile if possible. I was thinking I should be able to get the diamond and setting combination that I want for under $10K.

I used your suggested search criteria from your Blue Nile review but I could not find any diamonds rated by AGS. My biggest question is how to pick the best diamond from the results given that none have an AGS report?

Thank You,



Hi Nick,

Thanks for letting me know what you are looking for.

Blue Nile does offer some actual images of diamonds but only for their ‘Signature Ideal’ range of diamonds. Blue Nile’s ‘Signature Ideal’ range of diamonds are not consistent in terms of cut quality so each diamond needs to be independently evaluated using the images found on the GCAL report. Keep in mind that some Signature Ideal diamonds have perfect hearts and arrows optical symmetry while some do not. Again, each diamond must be evaluated independently as the branding really doesn’t confirm quality. With that being said, I have found the following diamonds that have ideal cut proportions and also fit without your specs and available budget:

1.02ct I SI1 Blue Nile Signature for $5,957.00:

1.02-Carat Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond

This diamond is a GIA triple Excellent with AGS ideal cut proportions. This SI1’s grade making inclusion are feathers followed by twinning wisps. The inclusions are not under the main table facet, and are easily covered by a prong in a ring setting so this diamond is eye-clean. This diamond does have perfect hearts and arrows. This diamond measures 6.44 x 6.46mm with no blue fluorescence.

.90ct G VS2 for $6,471.00:

0.90-Carat Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond

A nicely cut GIA triple Excellent with AGS ideal cut proportions. This diamond’s VS2 clarity grade is eye-clean. However, this diamond does not have perfect hearts and arrows. It is however, still a very nice diamond and one that is worth considering. This diamond measures 6.16 x 6.22 with faint fluorescence.

.91ct G VS1 for $7,334.00:

0.91 Carat Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond

GIA triple Excellent with AGS ideal cut proportions. Perfectly eye-clean VS1. This diamond does not have perfect hearts and arrows but is still a nice diamond to consider. This diamond measures 6.23 x 6.20mm with no fluorescence.

These were the only diamonds that I could find that fit your budget and are still cut well. There were no ‘J’ color options. However, the Cambridge Halo ring from Blue Nile has melee diamonds that are H color with VS2 clarity so any of the above diamonds would compliment this setting very nicely.

The Blue Nile credit card offers various different options for financing including:

1. 25 day grace period before you have to pay in full (no interest)
2. A 6 and 12 month option if payment is made in full (no interest)
3. Equal payment option of 24, 36, and 48 months (with interest)

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Kind Regards,


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