Best Priced Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamond


Hi Liz,

1.01ct H VS1 H&A Cushion Cut Diamond

1.01ct H VS1 H&A Cushion Cut Diamond from Brian Gavin Diamonds

I’m happy I found your website. I am a first time ring buyer at the age of 24 and I want to make sure I buy my fiancee the best priced brilliant cushion cut diamond. After reading your reviews and recommendations about BGD diamonds, I became increasingly more obsessed with his hearts and arrows collection. Currently I am looking at these two diamonds from that collection:


I am really looking for something over 1 ct, but I know after reading your reviews that even something a bit smaller can still look very amazing due to his signature cut features.

Would you consider the more expensive diamond to be a good buy? This is such a huge purchase for me and I’m a bit intimidated buying a loose diamond online.


The last obstacle I face is that I have a proposal date set up very soon!

Your guidance on this would be so greatly appreciated!




Hello Tom!

I’m happy to help you.

First of all, the two cushions that you have chosen will look nearly identical if placed next to each other. The 1.006ct H SI1 does have a very small dark crystal inclusion under the main table facet which is somewhat noticeable in the magnified HD video. However, when the diamond is set in a ring, it will be very difficult to see and will likely only be noticed by those that know that it is there. Therefore, if you felt comfortable knowing that, you can by all means save the extra cash and purchase the SI1.

The 1.016ct H VS1 is gorgeous and as it has a VS1 clarity grade, it will be perfectly eye-clean! As your proposal date is coming up quickly, I would advise purchasing asap!

Let me know if you have any questions! When you are ready to purchase, I would really appreciate clicking the link before you purchase so that ODBA gets credit for your referral.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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