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Ritani is a high-end jewelry brand that was founded in 1999. Originally, Ritani’s engagement rings and jewelry were only available at select high-end jewelers in brick and mortar stores. This business model served the company well until they started setting their sites on a wider reach of potential customers through an internet based ‘Clicks-and-Bricks’ approach launched in 2012.


Ritani doesn’t just sell loose diamonds and high-end engagement rings online. They are the first to launch a very unique Clicks-and-Bricks business approach allowing consumers to browse through Ritani’s extensive online diamond inventory, choose their favorite candidates and then have them set in their chosen ring setting to view at their nearest participating partner jewely store. This omni-channel approach offers additional benefits that the typical online store doesn’t have and that is getting the opportunity to see and feel your chosen selection before committing to a final purchase. For consumers shopping in the USA, this is an added convenience that many are taking advantage of.

High-end, High-class, High Expectations

One of the hallmark’s of Ritani’s continuing success is its ability to innovate and adapt to the ever changing diamond and engagement ring market. Since they’ve been servicing customers for the last 16 years, they’ve learned a thing or two about keeping customers happy while also building solid partnerships with local jewelers. This winning combination has resulted in consistently high jewelry craftsmanship, quality diamonds, and excellent customer service.

One clear example of Ritani’s dedication to providing only the very best can be seen in their Virtual Gemologist service. Once again, they are the first to go the extra mile in customer service by offering a free virtual appointment with one of their in-house certified gemologists. This non-commissioned, real-time, expert guidance is offered free of charge to anyone wanting an in-depth consultation of final selection diamonds. Not only does this service offer peace of mind to the nervous consumer, but it shows an added dedication to maintain high service levels strengthening Ritani’s high-class reputation and consumer’s high expectations.

Ritani Reserve Diamonds

Ritani offers the opportunity to peruse thousands of loose diamonds in all shapes, cut, color, and clarity ranges. These diamonds are all graded by GIA or AGS with some diamonds having magnified images and HD videos. There is also a selection of ‘Ritani Reserve’ diamonds that come with a proprietary AGS Scintillation Report. Scintillation is the shimmering effect that a diamond generates when shown under a beam of light. Therefore, the Ritani Reserve selection of diamonds all claim to have this exceptional characteristic. Ritani Reserve diamonds are not to be confused with super-ideal hearts and arrows diamonds however. You can still have a gorgeously brilliant diamond with or without the optical symmetry that a hearts and arrows diamond has.

To be fair, I have no issue vouching for the AGS Ritani Reserve diamonds that have a confirmed ideal cut grade from the lab itself. Here a consumer can clearly see and view the ASET image on the AGSL Diamond Quality Document and know that this is in fact a high performance diamond with ideal light return. However, the GIA Ritani Reserve candidates aren’t as consistent in their cut proportions and there are some diamonds in this category that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. However, ODBA readers just need to use The Diamond Genie to input your desired shape, carat weight, metal setting and budget to see what ideal cut diamonds populate for you. Any Ritani Reserve diamonds that fit my strict proportion sets will populate as part of the search results.

Designer Collections

Ritani also offers a gorgeous selection of high-end luxury jewelry for the most discerning jewelry aficionado. Once again, Ritani has partnered with some of the best in the business to bring consumers beautiful custom creations by:

Omi Prive:


Erica Courtney:

Mimi So, Hulchi Belluni, Kara Ross, and Soho. Ritani has even partnered with boutique designers to create custom jewelry creations exclusive to Ritani. This illustrates just how powerful and endearing the brand is to both consumers and jewelry professionals alike.

Final Thoughts

I love Ritani’s dedication to keeping their customers happy and this clearly shows with their user friendly and asthetically pleasing website, large loose diamond inventory, magnified diamond images and HD videos, gorgeous micro-pave engagement rings and top-of-the-line designer jewelry collections. The additional unique services of the Virtual Gemologist and Clicks-and-Bricks shopping just add to the overall high-end shopping experience that Ritani brings to market.

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