Are Hearts On Fire Diamonds Worth It?


Hi Liz,

I am looking for a round cut diamond for a solitaire ring between 0.5-0.8 carat with diamond budget of $4,000.00.

The most highly rated store in my town strongly recommends Hearts on Fire over other brands. Unlike online websites they have an AGS lab report. Also they admit the HOF is far higher prices compared to other brands they have for the same clarity, color, and carat weight but they still recommend HOF. They were extremely helpful and patient in educating me but I am unable to see the difference between HOF and other diamonds they showed me. All online stores offer same color, carat and clarity for 40 % lower price. Is Hearts on Fire diamonds worth it?




Hi Matt,

I’m happy to help you! I did write a pretty extensive review of HOF on my website. Did you get a chance to read it?:

Hearts on Fire Diamonds are not worth it in my opinion. They are extremely expensive and mainly a marketing gimmic based on their branding. You can absolutely find much cheaper diamonds online. If you are looking for a beautiful super ideal hearts and arrows diamond, I recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds. Brian is a 5th generation diamond cutter and owns all the diamonds in his inventory. They are a family based business that sells only the finest top cut quality diamonds in the world. All of his diamonds are graded triple 0 ideal by AGS labs.

.70ct D SI1

Gorgeous super ideal hearts and arrows .70ct D SI1 diamond from Brian Gavin.

What color and clarity were you seeking?

I did a search on ODBA’s search, and found some beautiful options for you. By far, the best option for your budget is this .70ct D SI1 for $3,602.00.

This diamond is superb in cut proportions and shows gorgeous dark arrow optical symmetry with beautiful scintillation. Be sure to check out the magnified HD video to see how the light moves with the facets! This diamond represents an exceptional value as it is an SI1 in clarity but is perfectly eye-clean! The grade making inclusion is a white/translucent crystal that you can just barely make out in the magnified video. You will not see this without magnification when set in a ring.

Overall, this diamond is absolutely stunning and represents a great value. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like some additional recommendations.

Again, I do not recommend HOF as they are just too expensive and you can get much higher and consistent cut quality elsewhere.

Kind Regards,


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