Now You Can Create Your Own Cufflinks at Brian Gavin Diamonds!

Cufflinks are a great way for men to express some personality in their everyday work attire. A great gift option for the man in your life (or yourself) is to create your own custom cufflinks using Brian Gavin’s new Cufflink Builder. This new tool allows you to choose from four different shapes: round, square, oval and emerald while also customizing your specific design, metal, and gemstones. If you play around with the tool, many unique combinations can be seen!

Here are a few of my favorites!

For The Traditional GuyWhite Gold Round with Diamonds $1,580

Traditional Round Cufflinks BGD

If you want something that will look great with everything and has universal appeal, then you can’t go wrong with traditional round shaped cufflinks in White gold and set with diamonds. This style would look great in any look; from black-tie to modern pinstripe. It’s a classy design that will always look up-to-date. A great staple to any man’s wardrobe for only $1,580.00

Power Tie? Power Cufflinks!Square Yellow Gold with Ruby and Diamonds $1,670

Square YG with Rubies BGD cufflinksThere are many men that reserve that special tie to get noticed and create a stir. The same can be said for cufflinks. Though cufflinks are usually thought of as a subtle accent to an overall ‘look’, they are nonetheless a very powerful way to convey your message. These 14k yellow gold square cufflinks will definitely get anyone’s attention.

The square shape’s hard 90 degree corners and symmetry is very masculine and conveys stability. The center red ruby gets the perfect subtle flash of attention. This look is for the young or old, but definitely a look that wants to be noticed!

For The Guy Who Has EverythingOval Platinum Cufflinks with Sapphire and Diamonds $3,120

Platinum cufflinks with sapphire and diamond BGDPlatinum cufflinks are very rare indeed and these oval platinum cufflinks are for the guy who has nearly everything….

The oval shape is large enough to get noticed but not in an ostentatious way. The center sapphire is accentuated further by the symmetrical radiating lines from the center to the edge. Subtle diamond accents along the rim help to round out this look, making it not only unique but also quite regal. Nothing says luxury like solid platinum and these heavy cufflinks will certainly be a constant reminder of your status and importance.

For The Real ManEmerald Shape Rose Gold Face and White Gold Back with Diamonds $1,900

How secure in your manhood must you be to wear a pink shirt with your suit? There is something extra masculine when a guy can wear pink and the same goes for these super stunning emerald shaped rose gold cufflinks with diamond accents!

Rose Gold with White Gold Cufflinks BGD

These stunning cufflinks would add a softer edge to a black power suit and would look in the office or at a dinner party. Why go with silver when you can have solid gold and diamonds? For just $1,900 you can invest in a power set of cufflinks that are versatile enough for any occassion…be creative!

Why Brian Gavin?

Brian Gavin Diamonds are known for their super-ideal hearts and arrows diamonds, but don’t let that deter you from ordering a custom pair of custom cufflinks from them. A clear advantage of ordering through BGD is the quality of the diamond melee and 100% natural rubies and sapphires that are set in each piece. Just remember to allow yourself at least 3 weeks for any custom order! Have fun creating your personal cufflinks!

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