Three Stone Engagement Ring With Pear Side Stones


Hi Liz,

Thanks for sharing such valuable information on diamonds and the online buying process. I have definitely learned from reading through your website.

I am in the process of purchasing a three stone engagement ring, and would like to have pear shaped diamonds as the side accent stone. I’m looking for the best value for money diamonds i.e. the highest performing diamonds (most sparkly and brilliant) that fall within my $5000 budget (which is for the entire ring).




Hi Mike,

I would recommend this three stone ring from Ritani as a start:


Ritani's three stone engagement ring with pear side stones

Mike’s three stone engagement ring with pear side stones frpm Ritani


This three-stone ring from Ritani comes with two pear-shaped side-stone diamonds equaling .40ctw (H color and VS2 clarity) and is set in palladium for $2,600.00.

As for the center-stone, here are a two different options for you. The first diamond is a gorgeous .61ct G VVS2 for $2,373.00: This diamond is graded triple Excellent by GIA (excellent cut, polish and symmetry) and falls within AGS ideal cut proportions. As a VVS2 diamond it’s clarity is exceptionally clean with absolutely no visible inclusion to the unaided eye and very difficult to see under 10x’s magnification. This diamond has medium blue fluorescence. Overall, a very nicely cut diamond that will be gorgeously brilliant.

Another option is this .61ct F VVS2 for $2,561.00: This diamond is one color grade higher than the above diamond for just a couple hundred dollars more. It too is a triple Excellent GIA graded diamond that has perfect ideal cut proportions. This diamond has faint blue fluorescence.


.61ct F VVS2 GIA Excellent Ritani

Ritani posts HD videos and magnified images of some of their diamonds. This makes it easy to evaluate cut quality, light performance/brilliance and clarity grade (eye-clean).


So, all together either of these diamonds would fit within your budget of around $5K for the entire three-stone engagement ring. What do you think?

Kind Regards,



Hey Liz,

I love that ring, it is exactly what my girlfriend was looking for. For a few hundred dollars more, it is worth the upgrade in color for the F VVS2. Thanks again for all your help! Really appreciate it!


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