What Is Diamond Melee?

If you’ve been looking at diamonds and diamond rings for some time chances are you’ve come across the word ‘melee‘ more than once. Diamond melee refers to a group of small diamonds and has a French origin that means ‘mixed’. Melee diamonds are small and range from .001 to .15ct and measure a very tiny .6mm to 3.5mm in diameter. These diamonds are often called diamond chips by consumers and they are used to accent diamond jewelry.

Melee diamonds are not typically sent to a lab for grading as their size lends the practice to be cost prohibitive. Many jewelers simply purchase melee in bulk that has already been pre-sorted and given a quality rating. This is common practice as most jewelers don’t think cut matters in such tiny sized diamonds. However, it is just as important to ensure that these smaller accent diamonds are of high cut quality as each diamond, no matter how tiny, reflects and refracts the maximum amount of light to add to the overall beauty of a piece of jewelry.

Fishtail Pave Wedding Band with H&A Melee Diamonds

All of BGD’s jewelry is accented with tiny 57 facet melee diamonds that are cut to the same H&A super ideal cut standard as his Signature Diamonds.

Therefore if you are considering a piece of jewelry that has pave, channel, or prong settings with tiny diamond accents, it is important to remember the quality of the melee diamonds being set in your jewelry piece. To help with your selection process, it is helpful to know that Brian Gavin’s melee are all 57 faceted Hearts and Arrows diamonds. They are the same as his popular ‘Signature’ series of super ideal cut diamonds but only smaller.

AGS Graded 20 Pointer Super Ideal H&A Diamonds!

However, Brian Gavin doesn’t stop there. He is currently the first and only online diamond vendor to have AGS Lab graded 20 pointers available for purchase and individual selection.  Normally if you were looking for a .20ct diamond you would never find one with a lab report. The great thing about these gorgeous small diamonds is that they are fully graded by AGS and add to consumer confidence when seeking a selection of perfectly cut super ideal diamonds that could accent any 5 stone wedding band or eternity band, larger halo accent diamonds in an engagement ring, or petite diamond stud earrings. The fact is that you absolutely know with confidence that your diamond is a mini super ideal hearts and arrows stunner and has the AGS diamond grading report to prove it.  This also lends to easier resale if you ever wanted to upgrade your ring in the future. It’s just another reason why BGD stands as the best online retailer for hearts and arrow diamonds online.

If you have any questions about melee accent diamonds or just need help in choosing a petite diamond for your jewelry selection, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Diamond Buying!

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