Using The Diamond Genie To Find Ideal Cut Diamonds


Hi Liz,

I’m looking for an engagement ring, but I figure I’ll buy a loose stone first. My budget for a loose stone is $11,000. That said, I’m looking to get the best diamond around 1.45-1.55 carats.

I’m looking to place this stone in a 6 prong setting on a medium thickness platinum band. After doing research, I was told to look for:

1) Excellent Cut with a table under 60% (but what does table mean?)
2.) G-I Color. I heard I can get away with I color on a platinum band.
3.) VS2

Any recommendations? I was looking for diamonds from either JamesAllen or Zoara or Blue Nile. Are they all reputable? If you could provide me some options that would be great.




Hi Neil,

Thanks for contacting me and letting me know your requirements.

A diamond’s proportions affect the way it reflects light. The table is the largest facet on the crown (top of diamond) and is expressed as a percentage of the diamond’s diameter at the girdle. You may read more about this on my diamond cut page. Here, you’ll find a diagram of the anatomy of a diamond and see what the table references. The table % is a very critical proportion of a diamond, as is the depth % and crown and pavilion angles.

For a round brilliant diamond set in a platinum band, you may go as low as a “J” color. G, H, I and J are all ‘near-colorless’ and will face-up nice and white as long as the cut is ideal. You will only notice body color when viewing the diamond from the side or pavilion view.

As for different online diamond vendors, you may read up on each of them on ODBA. I’ve written a review for James Allen, Zoara, and Blue Nile.

As you are looking for a round shape, 1.45ct, set in platinum with a maximum budget of $11,000.00, you can go ahead and plug this into The Diamond Genie at ODBA. The Diamond Genie automatically searches for only ideal cut diamonds with the best proportions, therefore making your online search much faster and easier. Once you get your results, you can filter your search to only ‘I’ color or higher and VS2 clarity grade or higher. When I did this, I was left with 36 diamonds that all have excellent/ideal cut proportions. The next step is to look through each and see which diamond offers the best value for your budget.

For example, I recommend this 1.45ct I VS1 for $8,470.00:
This same diamond can be found here:

1.45ct I VS1 Enchanted Diamonds

This diamond is has ideal proportions which will face up bright and white due to gorgeous light reflection. The diamond is an “I” color but it does have medium blue fluorescence which in this case will actually give the diamond an added boost in color as blue cancels out any yellow tones. Therefore, this diamond will look more like a G/H rather than an ‘I’ due to the fluorescence. Finally, although I wouldn’t say that this diamond is perfect in terms of optical symmetry (hearts and arrows), it still is an ideal cut diamond that will reflect light beautifully. For all intents and purposes, your naked eye will see beautiful, even, dark contrasting arrows as seen in the magnified image to the left (on a much smaller scale). Overall, this diamond represents a fantastic value and is well under your intended budget.

Another great option is this 1.55ct I VVS2 for $10,730.00:
This same diamond can be found here:

This diamond is larger and also has AGS ideal cut proportions. You will be paying more for a VVS2 clarity grade, but it is pristine nonetheless. No fluorescence and will face up with brilliant light reflection.

Either of these two diamonds would be perfect for you!

Kind Regards,



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