Emerald Cut Diamonds – 1.50ct With Budget $7K-$10K


Hi Liz,

I am looking to get the best emerald cut diamond I can buy for my budget. I’m seeking a 1.50ct that sparkles and looks clean (white and clean) to the NAKED eye when the diamond is in a setting and on her finger. My budget is $7k – $10K.




Hi Victor,

I’m happy to help you find a suitable 1.50ct emerald. I can recommend a few diamonds for you to give you some selection.

I did a search for you and found:

1.50ct G VS2 for $9,221.00: http://www.zoara.com/diamonds/p_emerald_excellent_cut_g_vs2#p=6707269

This emerald is stunning. It has lots of direct white light reflection and is an example of a super clean VS2. The length width on this emerald is the standard 1.39 and the face up dimensions are 7.8×5.61mm. Overall, a great looking emerald for your budget.

1.50ct G VVS1 for $9,155.00: http://www.zoara.com/diamonds/p_emerald_excellent_cut_g_vvs1#p=6654957

Another gorgeous emerald, only this one has a much cleaner clarity (nearly internally flawless!) for less money. The length width on this emerald is 1.33 so a bit more square-ish. It measures face up dimensions of 7.46×5.57mm. This diamond also shows lots of white light reflection

Finally, we have this 1.53ct F VS2 for $6,657.00: http://www.zoara.com/diamonds/p_emerald_excellent_cut_f_vs2#p=6654959

1.53ct F VS2

This emerald offers great value for money in that it is one color grade higher. However, the VS2 clarity grade does have a very tiny crystal under the table which is visible under magnification (as you can see in the magnified image) but will not be visible with the naked eye, therefore it is considered eye-clean.

Also, this diamond has very strong blue fluorescence which has allowed it to be offered for less. Blue fluorescence is a natural characteristic of about a third of all diamonds and isn’t a negative issue unless it interferes with overall light transparency which can sometimes happen when exposed to UV light. In this case, the image of the diamond does not appear cloudy or milky and the HD video confirms that the diamond is not negatively affected by the fluorescence. The length/width ratio on this diamond is 7.84×5.70mm, so 1.37. The face-up dimensions are largest on this emerald.

So you have a few emerald cut diamonds here. Please let me know what questions you may have. I’ve included my affiliate links above and would appreciate that you click the selected link before you purchase online. This ensures that ODBA gets credit for your referral.

Kind Regards,



Thanks so much for the quick reply Liz! I love all your recommendations! I’m thinking the 1.53ct F VS2 would work just fine for me…

Thanks again,


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