2 Very Important Reasons To Use HD Magnified Diamond Videos

One of the best ways to know if a diamond is right for you is to take advantage of the retailer’s HD magnified video of the diamond online. There are many things that the video will tell you that a lab report, HCA tool, ideal-scope, or even ASET image won’t tell you. Here are my tips for using a diamond video to your advantage….

Tip 1 – Diamond Videos Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Clarity

High-definition magnified videos of a diamond are the best way to evaluate clarity – hand’s down. Many people seem to gloss over this but it is a very important aspect to evaluating a diamond. A GIA lab report will have a plotted diagram with symbols but think of this as a basic map; it isn’t the same as traversing the actual terrain.  If you are looking for an eye-clean SI1 or SI2 diamond then you’ll definitely want to know what the inclusions actually look like and where they are located. Here is what I look for when I evaluate clarity:

  1. First look at the still image of the diamond you are thinking of purchasing. Without knowing what or where the inclusions are, can you see anything without being prompted? Remember your initial findings.
  2. Next, take a look at the diamond’s lab report (preferably GIA or AGS). Look at the diamond’s plotted diagram. What is the first inclusion listed? This is the ‘grade making inclusion’ and should be the easiest to find under 10x’s magnification. All other inclusions are listed in the order that they are generally found under magnification.
  3. If the diamond has a video available go ahead and take a look at the diamond while it is moving on it’s turntable. Can you spot the inclusions that were listed on the lab report? Don’t worry if you can’t find any immediately (or at all). Despite the fact that these videos are magnified about 25x’s it is still difficult for a layman to know what they are looking for. Any questions, just ask me.
  4. Now, time to be real. Remember that the video is magnified and the chances of you being able to see it’s inclusions are low. Inclusions that are typically easy to spot are dark crystals, dark crystal clusters, excessively large feathers, or a large cloud (diamond will look hazy). Most other inclusions will not be visible.

Still Not Sure? Watch This Video And I’ll Walk You Through The Process (you might learn something!)

Tip 2 – Diamond Videos Tell You How The Diamond Sparkles

It’s easy to get carried away with numbers and recommended proportions for diamonds; Cut is Queen after all! But, remember that we buy diamonds because they are beautiful and the unique special sparkle that diamonds have is what makes them superior to all other gemstones. Diamond videos are a great way to evaluate the cut of a diamond by viewing it’s scintillation pattern (how the diamond sparkles across the crown face).

An Ideal-scope or ASET image is a still image that represents the intensity of white light reflected back to the observer, however this is not the same thing as sparkle. Sparkle aka ‘Scintillation’ is a dynamic characteristic of a diamond and thus can only be truly assessed when a diamond is in movement. Scintillation is a product of both brilliance (white light) and fire (dispersion). If a diamond has been cut well, the scintillation pattern of the diamond will be quite stunning.

What Retailers Provide HD Magnified Videos Of Their Diamonds?

If you are thinking of buying a diamond online, you’ll want to pay special attention to retailers that provide HD magnified videos of their diamond inventory. ODBA approves and regularly recommends diamonds from: Enchanted Diamonds, Brian Gavin Diamonds, Zoara, Ritani, and Leibish&Co. An easy way to check diamonds with videos is to head over to ODBA’s Diamond Search Tool and click the ‘HD Video’ box. You’ll easily see what diamonds have videos available for you to further evaluate and assess. Remember, if you get stuck or need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Happy Diamond Buying!



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