What Consumers Need To Know About ‘Sample Diamond Images’ Online


Hello Liz! Love your information – it has provided me a crash course in diamond education as I help our eldest son navigate shopping for a diamond for his soon to be fiancé (we hope-because we LOVE her!). Would you please advise on these two stones:



Now the Solomon diamond has raised the online price a bit-I have a print out that shows it at 4825.05 credit card price or 4680 bank wire – please use those numbers as the purchase price in your consideration, because I would contact them and insist on the lower price.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide. As a CPA married to and engineer it was fabulous to find analytical help to unravel the evaluation question.

Best regards,



Hello Lydia,

Thank you for your kind words – I’m glad to hear ODBA has been a great help to you in your diamond education.

I’ve looked at both your diamonds, but I’d strongly advise against each one. First of all, in each case the retailer has provided only ‘sample’ diamond images.

The generic ‘sample images’ only serve to confuse the general public in thinking that their diamond will appear similar to the image. This is most certainly NOT the case. These are not accurate depictions of the actual diamond and are very misleading for the general public. SI2 clarity grade is notoriously not eye-clean. Therefore, you’ll likely see an inclusion very easily.

Soloman Brothers Sample Diamond SI2 photo

Beware of ‘sample photo’ diamonds in online inventories. These can be misleading for novice shoppers, especially as this diamond is an SI2 and the image is not an accurate depiction of the actual clarity grade.

Other red flags are that the Blue Nile diamond’s GIA report is from 2011 which is quite old and I’d question where that diamond has been during that time. Normally I advise to purchase a diamond with a lab report no older than 2 years.

Blue Nile Sample diamond photo SI2 clarity

Never buy an SI2 diamond online without seeing it’s actual image. Pay attention to ‘sample image’ or ‘sample photo’ in online inventories – these are generic representations and are not an accurate depiction of the actual diamond!

A much better diamond choice for you would be this 1.04ct J VS1 for $4,290.00: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R104-STR5JZ

Enchanted Diamonds Actual Diamond and Video

Enchanted Diamonds online has thousands of diamond images and videos for consumers to easily search through, making their online purchase much more transparent and easy. There is no need to mislead or confuse the public when making a large diamond purchase online.

Enchanted Diamonds has actual diamond images and videos to make the evaluation process transparent and easy. This is the ideal way to purchase diamonds online. The 1.04ct J VS1 above is confirmed to be an ideal cut, has gorgeous scintillation (sparkle) and beautiful contrast pattern (dark arrows). It’s well below your son’s budget so should work well. Please let me know what you think and if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,



Dear Liz – Oh my goodness – I do believe you are my new hero! Thank you so much for the reply. Based on your recommendation we have thrown out those two diamonds and yours is at the top of the list! Just so that Pat has a choice, if you don’t mind, would you please review this diamond and send your thoughts?


Lastly – any advice or thoughts on mounting this as a solitaire with a rose gold shank and platinum prongs?

Thank you so very much for your advice and guidance.

Best wishes – Lydia


Hello Lydia,

You’re very welcome. The 1.00ct J VVS2 doesn’t have ideal cut proportions and in diamond language that means it will not perform well. In viewing the other images that Enchanted Diamonds provides, you can easily see that both the ideal-scope and ASET image show significant light leakage under the crown facet. This translates to a ‘dead zone’ when viewing the diamond in the HD video. I don’t recommend this diamond. The other stone is MUCH better – and cheaper! The difference in clarity is not noticeable and isn’t worth the extra money.

claw prongs engagement ring from Enchanted Diamonds

‘Claw Prongs’ are more delicate and refined; appearing less clunky than the bigger/older/traditional prongs that are more commonly used in jewelry.

As for your setting, I think platinum prongs and a rose gold shank sounds lovely. What a beautiful combination! My suggestion would be to get the setting with ‘claw prongs’. These are more delicate and refined looking; less clunky than the bigger/older/traditional prongs.

With all the above in combination with my original recommendation – that would make a very stunning engagement ring!

Let me know what you think and if you have any additional questions!




Hi Liz – I would never have known that there are “claw” prongs! Thank you for that tidbit. Thank you too for your speedy response. Pat has decided on the stone that you recommended and we have locked it up – we are arranging the bank transfer tomorrow!! (…and yep our bank is open Sunday). YAY!

I promise that I will close the loop with you when Pat has put everything together.

Best wishes – Lydia

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