1 Carat Diamond Ring With $7,500 Budget


Hi Liz,

I’m looking for a 1 carat diamond ring with a platinum solitaire setting. I want the diamond to be eye-clean. I’m fine with a little warmer color, so I’m willing to go to K-color. I’d like to keep my budget to around $7,500.00 for the diamond. I’d also ideally like to go for the largest carat weight possible to get the most bang for my buck!

My girlfriend really loves Forevermark and I did basic research to find a 1.00ct solitaire engagement ring for $9,999.00 (no info on color or clarity though). This seems really pricey but I’ve only just begun my diamond research. Is my diamond budget realistic?

What do you think? Could you recommend some diamonds for me?




Hi Tom,

Thanks for contacting me and letting me know your diamond budget and requirements. With your budget, you can get at least a 1.25ct diamond from most online retailers. If you haven’t read my Forevermark Review, I encourage you to do so. Consumers must purchase these diamonds at a brick and mortar store so their diamonds are pricey due to the heavy mark-up.

I just ran a search for you and found an outstanding deal! Here is a gorgeous ideal cut 1.72ct K VS2 for $7,040.00!!!

1.72ct K VS2 Enchanted Diamonds

1.72ct K VS2 from Enchanted Diamonds with actual magnified image, hearts image, ideal-scope image, and ASET image.

This HUGE 1.72ct measures 7.68 x 7.65mm and is a GIA Triple Excellent that is perfectly eye-clean. It’s an outstanding deal for the carat weight. Not only is it a great price for it’s carat weight, but this diamond is cut perfectly with precise hearts and arrows optical symmetry. The great thing about purchasing a diamond online is getting to view actual diamond images and videos with light performance information (obviously this isn’t available for brick and mortar jewelry stores). There is no doubt as to the quality of your diamond when all this information is available to you. 🙂

As for your platinum solitaire setting, here is a six pronged knife edge for $1,330.00: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/rings/view/six-prong-knife-edge-round-solitaire-SL5-PT-R

I have included my affiliate links. I would greatly appreciate you clicking my link before your purchase so ODBA gets credit for your referral. Thank you for supporting ODBA!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,



Wow Liz! That diamond looks great – thank you so much! I’ll definitely click your link when I’m ready to purchase. You’ve been great.



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