Platinum vs. Palladium


Hi Liz,

I just wanted to get your input on Palladium vs Platinum. I was thinking about getting palladium since it has almost the same characteristics as platinum without the price tag.

Thanks to your Ritani review, I’ve decided on this ring:–v–engagement-ring-with-surprise-diamonds-in-platinum/4960

Can you recommend the largest diamond while still looking great with this setting?

I’m in the starting stage right now but my overall budget would be $10,000 – $12,000




Hey Richard,

The main difference between platinum vs. palladium is the density of the metal. Platinum is much more dense (heavier) and has long been able to be manipulated to form intricate designs as well as hold precious stones. Palladium on the other hand is traditionally used to create jewelry from just one piece of palladium. That is typically why you see most jewelry made with palladium are in fact wedding bands.

Along with this, re-sizing or repairing palladium jewelry can be difficult because any future soldering can create porosity and that does affect the durability and overall integrity of the piece. Any future jewelry repair must be made with an experienced jeweler used to manipulating palladium.

As you know, palladium is about a 1/3rd of the cost of platinum. This is due to it being less dense (less metal needed to create jewelry). However, recent advances in the development of a cast-able palladium alloy have made more intricate designs holding diamonds more common. In short, I’d say go for it if you want to save the extra cash. However, I do still prefer the more dense platinum. 🙂

As for your ring setting:–v–engagement-ring-with-surprise-diamonds-in-palladium/4760

I recommend this 1.51ct J VS1 for $8,978.00:

1.51ct J VS1 Ritani

Gorgeous GIA triple Excellent with AGS ideal cut proportions from Ritani. This 1.51ct J VS1 shows distinct crisp dark arrows for contrast and beautiful light reflection/brilliance. VS1 is perfectly eye-clean.

This diamond is GIA triple Excellent and also fit within AGS ideal cut proportions. Ritani’s HD 360 video shows this diamond has fantastic optical symmetry (dark arrow contrast) and reflects light beautifully! Your setting has french-set melee diamonds that are ‘H’ in color which will look perfectly fine with a ‘J’ center-stone diamond. Overall, I think this combination will look fantastic. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,




You have been a tremendous help. I decided to go with the platinum version for the reason’s you mentioned above and also because I feel it is more valuable. I went ahead and purchased the 1.51ct you recommended! Thank you so much for your immediate help – I couldn’t have made a decision without you!



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