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Hello Liz,

My budget is approximately $2,500 for a loose super ideal cut diamond (I already have a setting).

Carat: Anything above .5 but would prefer as large as I can get under the following criteria

Cut: Ideal/Hearts and Arrows for the most sparkle (round brilliant is the only style I have looked at and the only I have considered for my setting).

Color: anything G or above (I just want no cloudiness in the stone), the only thing that really matters to my soon to be fiance is its sparkle.

Clarity: Eye clean with no visible inclusions by the naked eye. I have been sticking to VS2 or higher, but could go to SI1 with no visible inclusion if it would give me better color and carat. I just know this is riskier if you don’t know what to look for in the proportions.

I look forward to hearing from you. I would say $2650 out the door would be my absolute max.

Thank you in advance.




Hi Matt,

I’m happy to help you.

.60ct G VS2 from BGD

Beautiful super ideal hearts and arrows .60ct G VS2 from BGD

One thing I need to clarity for you is that diamond color has nothing to do with ‘cloudiness’. I think what you are referencing is transparency which can be affected by type and amount of inclusions (see diamond clarity for more info) and in rare cases very strong blue fluorescence or excessive clouds.

I did a search for you and found this gorgeous .608ct G VS2 for $2,547.00 from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

All of Brian Gavin’s diamonds are graded by AGS and are triple 0 ideal (ideal light performance, ideal polish and ideal symmetry). These diamonds are super ideal cut diamonds with gorgeous hearts and arrows optical symmetry. They are considered the top 1% of all diamonds in the world!

This beautiful .608ct G VS2 shows a bright ASET image, crisp and clean ideal-scope image, and precise hearts and arrows for optical symmetry. There is a dark crystal under the table facet but this would not be easily visible when set in a ring as it falls in line with a dark arrow. Overall a very lovely G VS2.

Let me know what you think!

Kind Regards,



Hello Liz,

Thank you very much! Your website and your personal insight were very helpful into my decision making process.

Most Sincerely,


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