The Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring Online

“$2K And Looking For The Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring Online”


Hi Liz,

I’m planning to spend 2,000 dollars and looking for the best place to buy engagement ring online. I’m looking for a well cut round diamond and I’m hoping you can give me some suggestions with the given specs below:

Diamond budget: $1,300ish

Shape: Round

Cut: Ideal

Color: J

Clarity: VS2 or SI as long as eye clean

Carat: 0.4x – 0.5x

Setting: Platinum Four Prong Solitaire

I came across your review on BGD and I was blown away by the beautiful pre-selected engagement ring! So I started considering diamonds from BGD, either a pre-selected one or this:

– .53 J VS2 Round

– HCA Score 1.0

I’m struggling to make a decision at the moment and I hope you can help me clear things up! Thanks in advance!

Best regards,



Hi Ian,

Thanks for letting me know your diamond budget and requirements. Just as an FYI, HCA scores are not applicable when you have light performance data to evaluate. As for your .53ct from Brian Gavin Diamonds, it is an exceptionally clean VS2 stone with perfect hearts and arrows optical symmetry. Overall, a very beautiful super-ideal diamond!

Ian's .53ct J VS2 hearts and arrows diamond

Ian’s .53ct J VS2 hearts and arrows diamond from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

I think this diamond is perfect for you, let me know what you think and if you have anymore questions.

Kind Regards,



Hi Liz,

Thanks for the prompt reply, I really appreciate your effort.

Originally I planned to purchase from Blue Nile mainly due to their relative cheap prices but I changed my mind after reading a few negative posts on forums where people complained about their bad experiences with platinum rings from Blue Nile. So my ring hunt was delayed until I read your review on BGD and I’m glad I did.

Thanks again,


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