Emerald Cut Diamond For $12-13K

Emerald Cut Diamond 1.5-2.0ct, H Or Better, VS2 or Better With 1.3-1.5 Ratio


Hello Liz,

I am looking for an emerald cut diamond. I’d like: 1.5-2ct, color H or better, clarity VS2 or better, ratio 1.3-1.5, polish and symmetry good or better, table 60-65% and depth 60-65%.

My budget is $12-13k, but may go higher for the right diamond. Setting is white gold or platinum, simple band, solitaire. I can change some of the parameters if you see a diamond that is really good.

Thank you,



Hi Tim,

Thanks for letting me know your diamond budget and requirements. When it comes to buying an emerald cut diamond online, you definitely have to see the diamond in a magnified picture or HD video in order to evaluate it’s cut and overall color/clarity. I would recommend starting with either Ritani, Zoara, or DiamondWave since these websites all have actual images of their diamonds loaded onto their websites. Here’s a beautiful emerald that fits all your requirements:

1.54ct H VVS2 for $9,980.00: http://www.ritani.com/diamonds/emerald-diamond-1-54-Carat-H-color-GIA-certified/D-D51QF9

1.54ct H VVS2

Richard’s gorgeous 1.54ct H VVS2 from Ritani. This is a snapshot of the magnified HD video, making it easy to evaluate fancy cut diamonds online.

This emerald diamond measures 7.96×5.61×3.54mm with a l/w ratio of 1.41. The VVS2 clarity on this diamond is exceptionally clean with no visible inclusions to the unaided eye. In the HD video you can also see how the light interacts with the diamond. Notice that this emerald faces up bright white with just the right amount of contrast. No light leakage or areas of darkness. The girdle is medium and there is no fluorescence. A very beautiful stone.

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,



Hi Liz,

I appreciate your help! Thanks so much, that emerald cut looks great.


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