What Kind Of Cushion Cut Style Diamond Do You Prefer?


Hi Liz,

I am looking for the biggest and best cushion diamond that I can find that is eye clean for around $5K. This diamond would be put in a halo setting, either platinum or white gold, and I would like to the cushion to appear as large as possible for it’s carat weight. Can you offer some recommendations?

Thank you,



Hi Beth,

Thanks for contacting me, I’m happy to help you.

You didn’t mentioned what kind of cushion cut diamond style you had in mind? There are many different styles ranging from the classic cushion shape and facet patterning to more modern day 1:1 ratio super-ideal cushions.

For example, here’s a beautiful ‘super ideal’ hearts and arrows modern 1:1 ratio cushion cut diamond from 5th generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin, 1.01ct J VS2 for $4,703.00: http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamonds/diamond-details/1.016-j-vs2-cushion-diamond-ags-104083997007

As you can see, this diamond is a stunner. It’s cut perfectly with gorgeous light reflection, and symmetrical dark contrast arrows. It’s a modern take on the classic round corners of a cushion but offers added brilliance, fire and overall scintillation. I also own a BGD cushion, and you can read my personal review here: https://www.onlinediamondbuyingadvice.com/cushion-cut-diamond/

An example of the more classic cushion cut diamond would be this 1.18 ratio, 1.00ct E SI1 for $4,643.00: https://www.ritani.com/diamonds/cushion-diamond-1-00-Carat-E-color-GIA-certified/D-VM32NF

This diamond shows the classic pillow shape with chunky facet light reflection; this is an example of a ‘cushion brilliant’ (as noted on the GIA report). It has a medium sized culet which is reminicent of the older style cuts. I love this diamond as the grade making inclusions are tiny feathers that are not noticeable without magnification. For a SI1, this diamond is exceptionally clean (you can also see for yourself by viewing the HD video on Ritani’s website).

Alternatively, yet another version of the popular cushion cut is the classic pillow shape with different facet pattern giving the diamond a more splintered light reflection when moving it. Here is an example of a ‘cushion modified brilliant‘, a 1.02ct F SI2 for $4,440.00: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/C102-L836NB

This diamond has twinning wisps as the grade making inclusion which are not visible without magnification. This is an excellent example of an eye-clean SI1 diamond. The scintillation pattern on this diamond will be more splintered as opposed to the 1.00ct E SI1 which will be more broad and flashy.

So here are just a few different choices to choose from that still fit within your budget requirements. From a visual size perspective, the first diamond measures: 6.76 x 5.89mm, the second diamond measures 6.74 x 5.72mm, and the last diamond measures 6.32 x 7.73mm.

So you have a few to choose from, depending on the cushion cut style diamond that you prefer!

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