Hearts on Fire vs. Brian Gavin Diamonds


Hi Liz,

I’m wanting to buy a 5 diamond band to match my wife’s solitaire which is .84ct.

I have looked at Hearts on Fire store before finding your site. They have a 1.00ctw Sensational ring in platinum for $6,750.00.

I can send photo of what I am after if that is possible.



$4K vs $7K – 1.00ctw 5 Diamond Shared Prong Ring


Hi Thom,

I recommend Brian Gavin for a 5-stone diamond to complement your wife’s solitaire. Have a look at these different styles: http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamond-jewelry/wedding-bands/5-stone-rings-5-stone-diamond-rings-and-five-stone-bands

Hearts on Fire vs. Brian Gavin Diamonds

Hearts on Fire ring on left 1.00ctw for $6,750 vs. BGD shared prong setting in platinum for about $4,245.00.

A favorite ring setting of mine is the u-prong setting:  http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/wedding-and-anniversary-bands/eternity-bands/classic-5-stone-u-prong-platinum-5446p, it really shows off the diamonds from all view points and you get more light reflection and overall brilliance.

However, if you prefer the shared prong look, then BGD has one here for $1,995.00: http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/wedding-and-anniversary-bands/eternity-bands/five-stone-shared-prong-platinum-5408p

Here is why I recommend BGD over Hearts on Fire:

    • All BGD diamonds 57 facet super-ideal H&A diamonds
    • All BGD diamonds come with an AGS diamond grade report
    • All BGD are matched for color in the setting
    • All BGD are eye-clean 
    • You aren’t paying excessive mark-up fees for branding or overhead costs . You get a much better value online vs. paying premium prices in a store or in this case, brand name mark-up.
    • You know exactly what quality diamonds you are getting in your setting!!! This is important as Hearts On Fire calls their diamonds either ‘Signature’ or ‘Sensational’. Signature = is in the I, J color range. Sensational = is in the G, H color range, with both having anywhere from VS1 to SI1 clarity!!!

To give you an idea of BGD’s more reasonable prices, you can check out what each .20ct diamond would cost using their search tool. On average a .20ct G VS2 diamond will cost about $450/each.

You do not need to worry about picking out the 5 diamonds – as this is something that BGD will do for you. However, you can pick them out if you wish.

Following this recommendation, you’d pay $4,245.00 vs. the $6,750 from Hearts on Fire. I think the choice is obvious.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,



Thanks Liz!

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