Congratulations Vicky On Your New Emerald Cut Diamond!

One of the many reasons I love to help out my readers and clients is to get their reaction to their beautiful new diamonds. Not many of us will get the pleasure of purchasing a HUGE 4.02ct Emerald cut diamond in our day, so big congratulations to Vicky in Australia for sharing this video of her gorgeous bling!

“Hi Liz, Thank you so much for your help. My fiance got home from the US this morning and the diamond you suggested is perfect. In other terms “Boom boom wow”

Thank you so much for this. We couldn’t have trusted such a large LARGE internet purchase and had such a great deal without your expertise and guidance.

Thanks once again.

I’ve attached a video 🙂



Vicky was originally looking for a 3.00ct emerald cut diamond with a budget of $45K. However, with a little savvy searching I was able to find this gorgeous and HUGE 4.02ct emerald with I color and VS1 clarity for only $40K from Zoara: You can clearly see in the video how white this diamond appears and this is due to the fact that it has strong blue fluorescence.

Blue fluorescence as you know is a characteristic that many natural diamonds have. In cases where diamonds have lower color grades, the natural blue fluorescence can give an added ‘upgrade’ to color, thereby cancelling out the yellow tones. In this case, Vicky’s emerald cut diamond appears more like a G/H rather than an I! A non-fluorescent emerald cut diamond with ideal cut proportions and same color and clarity would cost up to $20K more!

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Happy Diamond Buying,


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