Looking For A Fancy Engagement Ring For Princess Cut Diamond


Hi Liz,

I’ve been looking at Princess Cut diamonds in the 1 carat range and after reading your article (and it suggesting anyone buying online contacts you) … I am.

I’ve been looking at BlueNile and James Allen and like the James Allen setting of:

Platinum Wrapped Hearts Bombay Engagement Ring

Platinum Wrapped Hearts Bombay Engagement Ring by James Allen

As for the Diamond, obviously this is the harder bit, the link below is to a diamond that seems to look good as it’s in your recommended ranges etc.


Wondered what you thought, even if it had an ASET image… I wouldn’t know what I was looking at! Just a point on price, that setting plus that diamond, plus the import duty of 20% for the UK brings this I believe to almost bang on £4000.

Thanks for any help,



Hello Nigel,

The diamond that you have linked to has quite a large feather that will be noticeable if you look for it. In terms of inclusions, this isn’t as bad as a large dark crystal; but it is still going to be visible.

Instead, I recommend this 1.01ct H VVS2 for $3,800.00: http://www.zoara.com/diamonds/p_princess_excellent_cut_h_vvs2#p=6425295

This princess cut shows exceptional symmetry and contrast patterning. Clarity is of course, super clean for a VVS2. It is still within your color range and in your budget range.

Another beautiful option is this .96ct H VS2 for $3,880.00: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/S96-EDLJU9

Are you set on that setting from JA? If you are flexible the above diamonds might work well for you. 🙂

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,




Thanks for getting back to me.

I wasn’t set on that setting, but I do like the way it offers something as well as the diamond. I also looked at this setting


But decided it was a bit too chunky and actually the lines looked a little like muscle fibers.

Diamond aside, I wasn’t keen on any of the settings in the first link you sent as they were either extremely plain or very blocky/modern. The second link just seemed to have quite plain settings.

1.01ct H VS1 I know that the diamond is frankly key and did notice the long feather on the report, but wasn’t sure how noticeable it would actually be. Thanks for steering me clear! Is there another site with similar, slightly ‘fancy’ settings… As I know she’ll appreciate that. I don’t want anything overboard as the diamond should be key 😉 or maybe another diamond on JA you’d recommend? What do you think of this one: http://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/1.01-carat-h-color-vs1-clarity-sku-807667

It’s a little more, but still doable. Wondered if you wouldn’t mind giving an opinion? The main differences that I can tell is it’s one step down on the clarity scale and the depth is a good 5% less, but I think that’ll make the table bigger? It does seem to have a crystal in the GIA and you mentioned avoiding them, but I’m not sure if the crystal(s) that the report indicates are particularly big…

Thanks again!



Hi Nigel,

I took a look at your diamond and feel more comfortable with that one. The clarity is much better and the color grade difference is nominal (G vs H). The grade making inclusion of a crystal in this VS1 will not be visible without magnification and in fact will be very difficult to see with 10x’s magnification. Price is still where you need it to be, and most importantly cut is good. I like the contrast pattern and the HD video shows nice scintillation.

I’d feel comfortable recommending this one to you. All the best – and of course keep in touch! I’d love to see final pics of your gorgeous ring!!!

Kind Regards,


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