Forevermark Vs. Ritani

“…I Want A Ring That Looks Like The Forevermark Halo Ring From Their Center Of The Universe Collection”


Hello Liz,

First, thank you so much for making a website like this! I’m very glad that I have come across this website! In any case, I need help finding the best diamond ring possible. I want a ring that looks like the Forevermark halo ring from their ‘Center Of The Universe Collection’ (links below) I have had my heart set on that ring but after learning that they don’t use GIA (etc) from your Forevermark review, I do not want to fall into that trap. I want to find something very similar to that. Please help, here is some information:

Price of complete ring (diamond and setting): Minimum $4,000; Maximum $6,500; Preferably Around $5,000.

Setting type: As you can see from the Forevermark picture, thin setting with small diamonds, that is, pave.

Diamond: Round Brilliant, as shown

Carat Weight: Minimum: .75; Maximum 1.2; Preferably; Around 1 or slightly less

Cut: Best possible, of course.

Color: Whatever is best, but of course I would prefer something in the DEF range, but as long as it’s colorless to the eye, it’s fine. You know best.

Clarity: Perfect to the naked eye.

Basically a ring like the round halo ring with pave setting from Forevermark.

Forevermark - Center of My Universe

Forevermark’s ‘Center Of My Universe’ round halo pave engagement ring

Thank you so much!!



Hi Charles,

I found a similar halo pave engagement ring at Ritani for $1,900.00:

Ritani Halo Engagement Ring

French-Set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring
in 18kt White Gold (0.45 CTW) for $1,990

Do you like this ring? If you do, then I recommend purchasing a loose diamond from them so that they can set the stone for you (it is easier and safer this way). Since the setting has .45ctw of micro-pave diamonds and is $2k, that leaves a diamond budget of around $4500. So, if you must have a colorless diamond (D, E, or F) then your carat weight will be around the .75ct size. So, with this in mind, here are some gorgeous diamonds that would look great in the above setting:

– .72ct D VS1 $3,929.00:

– .73ct F VS1 $3,529.00:

.73ct F VS1

Charles chose this .73ct F VS1 GIA graded diamond from Ritani

– .73ct H IF $3,376.00:

All of these diamonds are graded Excellent cut by GIA and have ideal cut proportions to maximize light reflection and be very brilliant. Keep in mind, you need to see the actual magnified picture of each diamond to correctly ascertain it’s clarity grade and cut grade. All of the above diamonds are top cut grades and are eye-clean.

In terms of value and price, any of the diamonds above would be an excellent choice. You absolutely – 100% know EXACTLY what you are getting and are guaranteed gorgeous brilliance because all of the diamonds are ideal cuts and graded from GIA.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments Charles! I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,



Hello Liz,

I love the Ritani halo engagement ring. It looks very similar to the Forevermark Halo, but I feel much better about actually getting to pick out the center diamond, plus the added peace of mind that the diamond is GIA graded. Thanks so much for all your help. The .73ct F VS1 is beautiful.


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