Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Are you one of the many men out there that are planning a Valentine’s Day Proposal this February 14, 2016? Despite it being cliche, its actually a great day to propose as long as you do it in a unique and memorable way. Since I work with a lot of men that are about to get engaged I thought I’d offer some words of wisdom from my own personal perspective.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t available online or from your local jewelry store. This is trade secret female stuff that we women don’t normally let leak. Why is this? Well, you already know (or if not you will eventually come to realize) that women and men communicate differently. Here’s the deal, women don’t want to have to tell you what they want from you, they just expect you do know.

If you really want to take your Valentine’s Day proposal to the next level I’m going to let you in on a few little trade secrets…

Women Love To Tell Stories

Nothing really compares to the day that a women gets engaged and subsequently married. There is something magical about those two days where the focus is only on the both of you starting your new life together. Sure there will be many more milestones to celebrate as you continue through life, but everyone remembers the beginning.

No matter how old a women may be, someone will always ask her, ‘So how did you guys meet?’ ‘How did he pop the question?’

Women relish these romantic stories and it’s surprisingly one of the first topics of conversation whenever a women makes a new friend. We always want to know how it all started. However, it’s not just friends that will hear it but also your children and your future grandchildren. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to hear how your parents fell in love? It makes you feel good to know their special story. So, you see, it really isn’t about the day but about a legacy. It’s part of your love story that everyone loves to hear about.

Under the Belvedere Castle at Central Park

Under the Belvedere Castle at Central Park, photo credit: flickr Mark Gulm. This picture has a story behind it, find out how Mark actually took this picture himself without giving it all away…click here.

That is why my tip to you is to extend your perspective beyond just the day and really spend some time thinking of how you can make your story one that she will be telling for years to come. You know your lady best, so I’m not going to offer examples of what you can do. I’m merely broadening your horizons so that you understand that it’s a love story and you are writing it on this particular day (no pressure!). 😉

It’s All About The Little Things

The love language to every women’s heart is simple. Just show her that you put forth effort. Effort means that you are thinking of her. Thinking of her means that you love her. Putting that love into action is effort.

Effort = Thinking = Love = Effort

Effort can be as little as sending her a bouquet of roses with a love note. Effort can be arranging a romantic weekend to wisk her away to a dreamy country landscape where the two of you can be alone. Effort can be a simple love note stuck to the window of her car to make her smile. Effort can be getting her favorite lunch and surprising her at work. Whatever it is, all women’s hearts melt when you do the little extra’s that show her you are thinking of her.

So when it comes to a marriage proposal, effort can be any number of things depending on your personalities and the dynamics of your particular relationship. There is no one rule for anyone. However, I like to offer my recommendations on a Valentine’s Day proposal since you can show her your thoughtfulness, time and effort by paying particular attention to the ring setting.

A Valentine’s Day Engagement Ring

Most of the men I assist end up going with a solitaire engagement ring. This is the tried and true choice and I personally think it is classy and timeless. However, I’m not against adding some personality to a ring especially if you are proposing on Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect excuse to add a little ‘effort’ and really impress her with your thoughtfulness.

Some ODBA Romantic Ring Stories:

  • One ODBA reader I helped out a couple of years ago ended up getting a ring setting called ‘Inara’ which means ‘ray of light’ in Arabic. This was especially thoughtful since his fiance was part Middle-Eastern
  • Another reader was looking for a 2.00ct + diamond and I helped her find a 2.27ct. She was especially excited because the 2.27ct was her fiance’s birthday which made her feel as if everything was perfectly aligned and a sure sign of a happy life together.
  • Yet another client of mine decided he wanted to create a custom cushion cut halo engagement ring and wanted a blue sapphire on the inside of the ring. The sapphire symbolized ‘eternal love’ to his future fiance.

So, as you can see, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to really go all out on the sentimental and romantic gestures in the ring. The above were just some real life examples that my readers have chosen to do. Want some more inspiration?

A Few Of My Favorite Romantic Engagement Rings

Does your girlfriend love flowers? For some reason, whenever I see this floral diamond engagement ring from Monique Lhuillier’s collection, I think of a beautiful spring garden.

Monique Lhuillier floral engagement ring

Oozing romantic sentiment, this Monique Lhuillier floral engagement ring is delicate and classy.

It’s so beautifully detailed and also romantically unique with the curving micro-pave and the marquise diamonds that accent the curve. Each of Monique’s rings has a tiny pink sapphire delicately placed somewhere on the ring adding to the romance.

Rose gold is also an excellent way to commemorate a Valentine’s proposal. Not only is it super romantic and feminine but it also compliments every skin tone. I’m a big fan of Brian Gavin Diamond’s ‘Twist’ pave ring in 18k rose gold. Wow, this is a showstopper! Not only is this ring gorgeously unique, it is also so classy with the micro-pave melee diamonds that will always be in on trend.

BGD's pave twist e-ring in rose gold

Go for pink! Super romantic 18k rose gold is a great way to tie in your Valentine’s Day proposal.

Make Your Valentine’s Day Proposal A Day To Remember

Of course it goes without saying that women love to show-off their engagement ring. Again, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend tons of cash on the ring either (though I know some of you guys really like to go all out). If your lady hasn’t dropped any hints about what kind of ring that she’d like, then you can take advantage and really make it something super special by tying it in with the theme of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, any day that you propose marriage is a special day. I’m just offering some additional food for thought since some of you are choosing to propose on the most romantic day of the year. Why not take advantage and really go all out?

If you are still trying to figure out which ring to get, you still have time. Feel free to contact me for help in choosing a diamond and appropriate ring setting.

p.s. I want to hear your stories! Let me know how you planned the day and the ring! I’m looking for some super romantic stories to post here at ODBA to show off your effort and of course the ring! And if you like this post, please share it!

In the meantime, enjoy your Valentine’s Day planning and Happy Diamond Buying!


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