Should I Keep My Blue Nile Diamond Or Go Lower In Color For A Bigger Diamond?


Hi Liz,

I purchased a diamond from Blue Nile almost 2 weeks ago (E-VS1). Here is the link My budget is around $15,000.

After I found ODBA and read through your recommended websites, I found some other diamonds that are larger in carat weight than the one I purchased from Blue Nile. Here are the diamonds I’m considering from Enchanted Diamonds thanks to your advice on cut proportions:

My question is should I keep the diamond from Blue Nile or is it worth it to go lower in color for a bigger diamond? If you don’t recommend those diamonds I would appreciate any recommendations from you.

Thank you,



Hello Nancy,

1.82ct H VS2 from Enchanted Diamonds

Nancy’s perfect 1.82ct H VS2 for $15,920.00 measuring a very big 7.84 x 7.82 x 4.86 mm vs. her original 1.25ct E VS1 for $13,299.00 measuring only 6.95 x 6.91 x 4.29 mm.

Your Bluenile diamond is within AGS ideal cut proportions and is likely a very nice diamond. However, I cannot comment on the exact nature of it’s light performance or optical symmetry (hearts and arrows) as this information isn’t provided.

I would say that for your 1.25ct E VS1 for $13,299.00, you could get the 1.50ct F VS1 and not be able to tell the color difference, but would definitely be able to tell the size difference. For just a couple thousand more, you can upgrade to a visibly bigger stone.

Of course the best ‘bang for your buck’ diamond is the 1.82ct H VS2 for only $15,920.00. ‘H’ is where people just start to distinguish color, but it is in no way yellow and because the cut of this diamond is exceptional, it will face-up bright white and super brilliant. This diamond was just graded by GIA a little more than a month ago, and will likely not stay on the market very long.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,



Hello Liz,

Thank you so much for sending me a follow up email. I have learned a lot from your website; that the cut is the most important C!

I was initially confused with which diamond I should pick because I was thinking that I would see some color in the H VS2. I emailed Enchanted Diamonds to get feedback on each and they said that the H VS2 would indeed face up white. So, I decided to go with the H VS2 diamond.

Yes, I found my perfect diamond.

Thank you & Best Regards,


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