How To Buy A Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart shaped diamonds offer a very romantic and sentimental appeal to any engagement ring and are a great choice for the couple that enjoys being different.

These super romantic shapes are of course a ‘fancy’ diamond (anything other than a round brilliant) and as such they are not perfectly symmetrical. There is no ‘standard’ length/width ratio or cut proportions for heart shaped diamonds so there is a larger variance of acceptable heart shapes and proportions found in the marketplace. This means that consumers need to be a little more discerning when evaluating this diamond shape. However, there are some preferences to stick with in order to get the best cut diamond that offers optimum brilliance and sparkle. These are:

– Some individuals prefer a “fat” or wide heart shape and the suggested ratios for this would fall within .85 – 1.00; whereas a “skinny” or thin heart will have a ratio greater than 1.00. See below for the aesthetic difference the length/width ratio makes.

heart shaped diamonds

Depending on the length/width ratio, a heart shaped diamond can have very different looks. The diamond on the right is considered a ‘fat’ heart with a ratio of .83. The diamond on the right is considered a ‘skinny’ heart with a ratio of 1.11. This overall shape is largely a personal preference.

– table 54-61%

– crown height 12 – 15%

– depth 58-63%

– polish/symmetry Excellent to Good (not a determining factor but shall be considered)

– ensure that the rounded lobes are symmetrical and meets at a defined cleft

– Heart shaped diamonds can show a bow-tie effect (dark area across width of diamond) so be sure to visually assess for minimal bow-tie

As with all fancy shaped diamonds it is always best to actually ‘see’ the diamond via magnified pictures to evaluate how the heart is shaped overall, if the lobes are of equal size and shape, and if the heart has a subjectively and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is also equally important to evaluate light performance information provided by an ASET or ideal-scope image to see how a given diamond reflects light. Heart shaped diamonds that will be set in white gold or platinum metal settings would look best with an H or above in color grade with clarity being eye-clean.

Where To Buy Heart Shaped Diamonds

Since heart shaped diamonds aren’t as plentiful as other shapes it will take a keen eye to find just the right diamond. A great place to start is since you can search for diamonds that have magnified images, HD video and very important light performance information. They also have a very large inventory that changes daily.

If you need any help in assessing a heart shaped diamond online, feel free to contact me! I’d love to help you find a beautiful gorgeous heart!

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