How To Buy Pink Diamonds

Natural Pink Diamonds are extremely rare and highly coveted. More than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine located in the East Kimberly region Western Australia with the rest coming from mines in Brazil and Africa. There are several reasons why pink diamonds are so rare…

Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink 0.18ct Diamond

An example of a fancy vivid purplish pink diamond, the most sought after color for investors and collectors. This diamond is 0.18ct, pear-shaped and costs $13,920. (image courtesy:

Rarity Reason #1:

The natural color saturation of pink and purplish hues within these diamonds are created through such an unusual and rare process that even scientists cannot agree on exactly how/why these particular diamonds are colored in this way. All diamonds start out deep within the earth’s mantel under immense pressures. Diamonds are carried up through molten lava to the earth’s crust. All diamonds go through this process, however pink diamonds seem to undergo a unique geological process which causes excess stress and pressure upon the already formed crystal.

Pink diamonds experience high heat and pressure that affects their structure in a process scientists call “plastic deformation”. As this process affects the crystal’s ability to absorb light, these rare diamonds show pink, purple and brown color tones. This is an extremely rare phenomenon. As mentioned above, the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world’s primary producer for these natural fancy pink diamonds.

Rarity Reason #2:

Additionally, pink diamonds that are found in Western Australia are so few in numbers that it is estimated that an entire year’s worth of production of stones that are over a half a carat would fit in the palm of a hand. See just how rare these beauties really are?

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Rarity Reason #3:

Finally, a third reason as to why these diamonds are so rare is because the Argyle Diamond Mine is estimated to be fully exhausted within 10 years time. This means that all production will end and no new diamonds will be available. It isn’t hard to understand then that natural pink diamonds cost up to 20x’s more than colorless white diamonds.

What Does “Pink” Really Mean?

These rare pink diamonds are in every sense of the word ‘rare’ and ‘collector’ gems. “Pink” refers to diamond grading hues that range from reddish purple to orange. Difference in tone give a diamond it’s pink appearance, while saturation of color determines it’s color grade. The most common grades assigned to pink diamonds are fancy light, fancy, and fancy intense. Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink is the most sought after hue in pink diamonds due to it’s extreme rarity. In fancy colored diamonds, there is often 1-2 secondary colors in addition to their main color. In pink diamonds these are most often purple, brown or orange. Pink diamonds with secondary colors will generally cost less than similar pure pink, however the final decision on a pink diamond’s color comes down to personal taste and preference.

The world’s primary pink diamond producer is the Argyle Diamond Mine. Because they produce over 90% of the world’s production, they have become an authority in their own right in deciphering pink diamond color hues, saturation, and tone. They have developed their own color grading chart that can be seen below. This chart is different from what the GIA uses to grade their fancy colored diamonds.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Color Chart

Buying Pink Diamonds

Unlike white diamonds, there is no price list that determines the value of pink diamonds. Since each stone is uniquely different, pricing tends to fall in a range associated with its color scale but not always the same as a similar stone.

Some Factors That Influence Pricing:

– Color saturation and intensity (the most important aspect to choosing a fancy colored diamond)

– Rarity of Color or Size

– Presence and Intensity of Secondary Color Modifiers (Brown, Orange, Purple)

– Cut

– Carat Size

– Clarity

When purchasing a pink diamond the emphasis should always be on its color. Carat weight, hue, and intensity determine the ultimate value of a pink diamond. Clarity and cut aren’t as important in fancy colored diamonds due to their extreme rarity. In fact, the majority of pink diamonds have SI clarity and are often eye-clean. Even I1 diamonds are sought after due to the extreme rarity of pink diamonds in general.

 Pink Diamond Buying Tip: Savvy Investors and diamond buyers will choose smaller intense pink colored diamonds as opposed to the larger lighter color for the same price. For investment reasons, the smaller more intense fancy pink diamonds are worth more per carat than larger pink diamonds with weaker color saturation.

Pink Diamond Investment (image courtesy:

Pink Diamond Investment (image courtesy:


Pink diamond Investors prefer smaller intense pink colored diamonds as opposed to the larger lighter color for the same price. The 1.01ct Light Pink Diamond on the left is $19,488 whereas the smaller 0.39ct Fancy Intense Pink is $18,816. For investment purposes, the smaller more intense fancy pink diamond is worth more per carat than the larger pink diamond with weaker color saturation.

Pink Diamonds As An Investment

The amount of newly mined pink diamonds is dwindling every year. The relative short supply combined with increased demand means significant price increases in the very near future. Thus many investors, jewelers, celebrities, royalty and even museums are snatching them up very quickly. In fact, the value of pink diamonds have nearly doubled every 5 years and they have never decreased in value; making them an excellent investment.

Investment Recommendation: 1-2 carat fancy or intense pink are in the most demand and make for an excellent investment. Alternatively, smaller (.25cts – .80cts) intense or vivid pink diamonds are a close alternative if budget is a concern.

Buying Direct From Argyle Diamond Mine

Fancy Intense Pink Oval Diamond Halo Ring mounted in Platinum and 18K rose gold

Fancy Intense Pink Oval Diamond Halo Ring mounted in Platinum and 18K rose gold $16,950.00has the paperwork to prove it. This ensures the authenticity and rarity of these gorgeous natural diamonds.

Many collector’s and investor’s prefer fancy pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine due to the more intense pink color saturation that tends to come from this location. Diamonds from this mine are extremely rare, representing just 0.03% of the global diamond mine production.

All Argyle pink diamonds are 100% natural in color and clarity and are never altered in anyway. In fact, the rough to polished stone is managed completely by Argyle Pink diamond artisans and doesn’t pass through any middleman. Collector’s and investor’s know exactly where their pink diamond originated from and it

Whether buying a natural pink diamond for investment, engagement, or collection it is important to purchase them from a reliable source with appropriate paperwork. Always purchase your pink diamond with an accompanying 3rd party diamond grading report, like GIA. Additionally, all Argyle Mined pink diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity to prove their origin. And, always see an actual picture of the pink diamond before you purchase online. This goes for any fancy colored diamond since color is of primary importance.

Best Place To Purchase Natural Pink Diamonds

ODBA recommends for the best quality natural pink diamonds in all available color saturation and intensity. Not only will you find a fine selection of loose pink diamonds of various different origins with full disclosure of authenticity but also beautiful handcrafted pink diamond engagement rings ready to wear.

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