Monique Lhuillier Engagement Ring From Blue Nile


Hi Liz,

I need your expert advice :). I’ve been right through your website however only just found it later in my search for an engagement ring. Very comprehensive and shown me its more than just the 4C’s.

Budget = $10,000AUD (~9,300USD) for diamond and setting
Carat = 1.0 to 1.2
Princess Cut
Color/Clarity = Eye-clean and colour not perceptible

Monique Lhuillier Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

Monique Lhuillier Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring available only at Blue Nile

I have found the ideal setting which ticks all the boxes my girlfriend is looking for: 18k Cathedral Tulip setting ( (Blue Nile are able to do it in 18k white gold and princess cut)

So I guess my questions are:

– What is the minimum color grade you would consider for a princess cut?

– Is it possible to find a quality princess cut from Blue Nile?

– If possible, can I purchase a super-ideal Brian Gavin ‘Signature’ princess cut and have it set in a Monique Lhullier setting from Blue Nile?

I’ll leave it at that for now but look forward to hearing from you.



Monique Lhuillier E-Rings Must Be Purchased With At Least A 1.00ct Diamond


Hello John,

Thanks for letting me know what kind of diamond you had in mind as well as your available budget.

As you may already know, princess cut diamonds are bit more tricky to purchase online due to the wide variance of cut proportions and styles for this particular diamond shape. I do prefer to stick with fully transparent diamond vendors that show magnified pictures as well as light performance images so I can be sure the stone is cut well and will maximize light reflection.

Now, with that being said I see that you have picked out a lovely Monique Lhuillier solitaire cathedral engagement ring. To answer your questions below:

– The minimum color grade I would consider for a princess cut diamond depends on the chosen metal for your engagement ring. If you are choosing platinum or white gold, then the minimum color grade I would suggest would be H/I and some J’s (if cut very very well) for a princess. If you are setting the diamond in yellow gold, then you can go as low as K.

– It is still possible to find a well cut princess diamond from Blue Nile. My preference is always to search for AGS graded diamonds as these have an ASET image on the diamond grading report which shows light performance. This is always the safest way to purchase. Outside of this, choosing a princess diamond from Blue Nile’s inventory using only GIA grading reports (with proportion based cut information) isn’t really enough information to make a solid decision on the cut quality of a given diamond. I’ve taken a look at Blue Nile’s current inventory and unfortunately they do not have any AGS graded princess diamonds available that fit your requirements.

– No, you cannot at this time purchase a Monique Lhuillier setting without the purchase of a Blue Nile loose diamond.

I guess the question is, do you want to move forward with a Blue Nile purchase and make our best “guess” as to the cut quality of the stone? Or do you prefer to purchase a guaranteed brilliant diamond and sacrifice the branded Monique Lhuillier setting? I know this isn’t an ideal situation. Until Blue Nile adds more information on their website about their diamonds it will be difficult to properly evaluate stones without enough information.

Let me know your thoughts and how you want to move forward. I will help you with whatever direction you would like to take. (I’ll keep checking Blue Nile’s inventory to see if an AGS graded princess pops up)

Kind Regards,



Thanks Liz,

I’m currently looking at my options for a custom design setting which incorporates the tulip cathedral features (the Monique Lhuillier design just happened to have those features). I’ll let you know in a day or so how I get on with these options. Would be great if you could keep an eye out on Bluenile in case an AGS certified princess pops up.




Good morning John,

You may not need to investigate further. I found an AGS triple 0 Ideal 1.076ct H VS1 for $5,755.00 (USD) from Blue Nile. Check it out:

Cut – AGS Ideal with ASET showing nice overall red (brightest light) with blue contrast (light that is reflecting from the pavilion through the crown but is blocked by our heads or camera when viewing the diamond) and minimal green (not as bright light reflection). No light leakage. Overall a very nicely cut stone.

Clarity – is VS1 with feather plotted on chevron from pavilion view and small scratch on edge of table facet. Completely eye-clean.

Color – Nice bright white “H”.

I think your quickest and safest (in terms of getting the exact setting you want without having to get it reinterpreted due to IP) is the newly uploaded 1.076ct H VS1 from Blue Nile. If I were you, I’d call them and at least put this diamond on hold so you can think about it. Their inventory changes all the time, but it is still quite rare to get an AGS ideal in a princess. If you go this route, you’ll be at AU $7,140.00 total for diamond and ring.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions. 🙂

Kind Regards,



I finalised the 1.07 princess cut with Monique Lhullier Cathedral Solitaire setting today and should receive it in 7 weeks time 🙂 Will send you a pic when it arrives

Thank-you for all your help – I wouldn’t have been able to get this setting without you finding the stone.




Hi John,

I’m very glad to hear from you and even happier to hear that you have finalized the sale on your new ML princess cut engagement ring. That’s fantastic!

All the best,


And A Few Weeks Later….

Monique Lhuillier solitaire cathedral engagement ring

John’s gorgeous 1.076ct H VS1 for $5,755.00 (USD) from Blue Nile set in Monique Lhuillier solitaire cathedral engagement ring.

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