The Unique Beauty Of Old European Cut Diamonds

Old European Cut diamonds (OEC) are diamonds cut generally in the 18th century and after, before modern cutting practices took hold to create the precision cut, high performance diamonds we are more familiar with today.

Old European Cut DiamondOEC Diamonds Are Characterized By Their:

  • Small Table (less than or equal to 53%)*
  • Steeper Crown Angle (greater than or equal to 40 degrees)*
  • Short Star Facets
  • Generally Larger Culets (slightly large or larger)*
  • Short Lower Girdle Facets (causing corresponding fatter pavilion main facets)
  • Short Lower Half Length (less than or equal to 65%)*
  • Great Overall Depth

*GIA designates a diamond as an OEC if they fulfill 3 out of 4 of these criteria.

One of the most distinguishing factors in an OEC diamond is it’s interplay with light. As you know, cut proportions determine brilliance, dispersion, contrast and scintillation patterns. OEC diamonds have 58 facets just like the modern round brilliant, but the proportions are different and therefore they have larger face-up patterns of light and dark; reminiscent of a checkerboard pattern. The big bold flashes of light and rainbow colors can be called more chunky or blocky in light reflection. This ‘look’ is quite different to our modern day super-ideal hearts and arrows diamonds which have a tighter mosaic of light/dark contrast pattern and appear more ‘splintery’ in light reflection. A great example of an OEC’s light pattern can be seen in the youtube video below:

Why OEC Diamonds For Today’s Modern Bride?

There is a growing interest in antique cut diamonds with many retailers specializing in sourcing only Rose Cut, OEC, Old Mine Cut, and Antique Cushion Cuts. These unique diamond cuts are often described as romantic and ‘Old Hollywood’ as they offer a completely different look to today’s modern round brilliant.

So where can someone go to find their perfect OEC diamond? Well, there are two avenues a consumer can take. One is the traditional route to sourcing a truly antique cut diamond with a vast history through specialized diamond dealers, antique markets, private sellers, or auctions. Another easier route is through retailers that have married modern day precision cutting with old-world style proportions to create what can be often called, the best of both worlds. In this instance a consumer can have the satisfaction of an OEC diamond cut to today’s precise physical and optical symmetry and take advantage of it’s superior light performance and unique light pattern. For those of you that enjoy modern technology and yesteryear’s character, a great place to start your OEC diamond search is I highly recommend Victor’s CER (Canera European Round) as it is a perfect example of a modern day high performance OEC diamond. And for those of you that are seeking only perfection, it can be said that Victor’s CER surpasses the traditional antique Old European Cut diamonds due to its optimal proportions and tuned facet design.

If you have any questions about an OEC diamond or would like help choosing one for your engagement ring or jewelry purchase, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help guide you through the process. As always,…

Happy Diamond Buying!

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