How To Buy A Heart Shaped Engagement Ring Like Lady Gaga’s

First of all, a big congratulations to Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney for getting engaged! Taylor did a great job finding a ring that fit’s his lady love’s personality; big, full of heart, and definitely fashion forward! I just love the simplicity and romantic sentiment of a single large heart shaped diamond. Lady Gaga’s is estimated to be about 8 carats and I’m sure she has nothing but the best in color and clarity grades.


A photo posted by @ladygaga on

A photo posted by @ladygaga on

If you wanted to follow in Lady Gaga’s engagement ring footsteps, you’ll need to know how to go about finding the perfect heart shaped diamond. Here’s how:

How To Buy A Heart Shaped Diamond

1. Understand that heart shaped diamonds have no standard cut proportions or even a cut grade by any given gem lab. Therefore, you’ll have to evaluate your diamond using some recommended cut proportions in order to ensure that your diamond faces up bright white and offers gorgeous sparkle and brilliance

2. For a super easy way to go about finding your perfectly proportioned heart shaped diamond, go ahead and plug in your desired heart shape, carat weight, metal setting color, and budget into ODBA’s The Diamond Genie. Your result set will automatically filter based on the following parameters:

  • Table: 54% – 61%
  • Depth: 58% – 63%
  • Length/Width ratio between 0.90 – 1.15
  • and depending on your carat weight and metal setting, there will be recommended color and clarity ranges specific to your search

3. What you are looking for is a heart shape with rounded lobes that are symmetrical (equal size and shape) that meet at a defined cleft, something like this:

heart shaped diamond

A gorgeous .90ct H VVS1 with perfectly symmetrical lobes and great contrast.

4. Remember, heart shaped diamonds are considered ‘fancy’ shaped, and therefore they do have a tendency to show a ‘bow-tie’ across the width of the diamond. As long as you select a diamond with a minimal bow-tie effect, you’ll be just fine.

5. Everyone wants their diamonds to sparkle. Many people don’t realize that you must evaluate a fancy cut diamond through specific lenses to help you access ‘light performance‘ or how well a diamond’s cut reflects light from within its facets. Diamond vendors that sell diamonds online use light performance information provided by an ASET or ideal-scope image to show how a given diamond will reflect light. For example:

heart shaped diamond ideal scope

An ideal-scope image of a well proportioned heart shaped diamond. Bright red light reflection with minimal white (light leakage).

6. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect heart shaped diamond’ because there is no standard for cut proportions in this shape. Therefore, you’ll need to rely on your own personal taste when it comes to this shape. But, as long as you stick to the cut guidelines set above, you’ll be sure to find a gorgeous ideal cut heart shaped diamond that fits your budget and personal taste.

What About Settings?

7. Lady Gaga’s setting is primarily a solitaire setting with five ‘claw’ prongs and tiny melee side-stone diamonds in an eternity band. The pave set diamonds that say “T♥S” is of course completely custom (created by Lorraine Schwarz), but you can still get the same ‘look’ without spending the big bucks. It’s clear that the focus of her ring is definitely her large heart shaped diamond. Here are a few settings that show off the beautiful heart shaped center stone:

Tapered Petite Solitaire:

Channel-Set Cathedral:

Channel-Set Straight Baguettes:

(my personal favorite is the Channel-set with straight baguettes, something so classy about the perfectly fitting baguettes inside the shank. Gorgeous!)

So there you have it! Does Lady Gaga’s new heart shaped diamond engagement ring make you swoon? Are you now thinking of getting a heart shaped diamond engagement ring? Tweet me and let me know what you think about it! And, if you have any questions on how to find your perfect ideal cut heart shaped diamond, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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