Evaluating Loose Diamonds From Blue Nile


Hi Liz,

I am writing to ask for your opinion. I am evaluating loose diamonds from Blue Nile. After reading almost all the articles you wrote, I finally decided to ask you. My budget is around $7,000 to $9,000 for a loose diamond. I know that Blue Nile doesn’t have images for their diamonds, so that’s why I’m looking for the following criteria:

Carat: between 0.93 to 1.10, but I prefer as large as I can get
Cut: Round shape, excellent or above
Color: Anything above G will be perfect for me
Clarity: VS1, higher will be even better

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



Hello Damien,

As you know, the majority of diamonds found on Blue Nile do NOT have images. This means we must conduct our search based on cut proportions (numbers from GIA report) only. I do not prefer this but as you have specifically requested this, I will do my best to find the most suitable diamond for your listed criteria. I found two diamonds that would work for you…

I like this .96ct F VS1 for $8,239.00 from Blue Nile: http://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD03662818

GIA Plotting Diagram With Proportions

.96ct F VS1 GIA plotted diagram with proportions

This is a GIA triple Excellent diamond (excellent cut, polish and symmetry) and falls within AGS ideal cut proportions. It has a VS1 clarity grade with a tiny cloud and feathers as inclusions. These are not eye-visible and this stone will be guaranteed eye-clean. The extra bonus with this diamond is you get one color grade higher than you had originally requested. Diamond measures 6.35 x 6.40 x 3.90mm

For a larger stone, this 1.01ct G VS1 for $8,578.00 is very nice too: http://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD03760651

This diamond puts you over the 1.00ct mark and is eye-clean as well. The cut again is GIA triple Excellent and falls within AGS ideal cut proportions. Diamond measures 6.43 x 6.40 x 3.96mm.

I’ve included my affiliate links above and would appreciate you clicking the link prior to purchase so that Blue Nile knows that ODBA has referred you. Thank you in advance!

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions. 😉

Kind Regards,



Thanks for your response and recommendations Liz! It’s a tough decision – but a good one that I appreciate you allowing me to make! If I have any additional questions I’ll be sure to contact you Liz. I will definitely click when ready!

Thanks again,



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