Where To Buy A Pair Of Diamond Stud Earrings


Hi Liz,

I have been online forever looking for a pair of diamond stud earrings. I can’t seem to narrow down a pair. I’m looking for 0.60 ctw, no larger than 0.70 ctw as I have small lobes. Color H or I. Clarity preferably VS2. I don’t know how to set the parameters for table and depth. Budget of $1200 if it is doable. Would you please guide me in my selection? I have been on various websites and have sort of narrowed it to Zoara.

Thank you,



Hello Debbie,

I know that finding a matched pair of diamond stud earrings can sometimes be a little difficult. There are a few websites that offer matched pairs to make the process a little easier. Brian Gavin Diamonds offers an easy matched pair diamond stud earrings search for hearts and arrows super-ideal cut diamonds.

For example, here is a .308ct I VS2 and .315ct I VS2 for $989.00:

I checked Zoara’s current inventory, but did not find a good matched pair (when evaluating cut quality, color and clarity). Sometimes they have them and sometimes they don’t. Another option is Ritani.com and here are two diamonds that are a nice match. They are one clarity grade higher so a bit more expensive:

.31ct I VS1 for $570.00: http://www.ritani.com/diamonds/round-diamond-0-31-Carat-I-color-GIA-certified/D-G102J5

.34ct I VS1 for $660.00: http://www.ritani.com/diamonds/round-diamond-0-34-Carat-I-color-GIA-certified/D-T13H27

diamond stud earrings

.33ctw, .50ctw, and .75ctw diamond stud earrings size difference

Depending on what setting you prefer, it will cost an additional $200-$300 in addition to the loose diamonds. So, I would say that Brian Gavin Diamonds currently has the best deal for you right now.

I hope this helps you. Please let me know what you think. 🙂

Kind Regards,



Thank you so much for your help Liz. I decided to go with the BGD pair in a platinum setting. Can’t wait.

Once again, thank you for your quick and very thorough response. For someone who has been looking at so many diamond options with minimal skill and experience it quickly became a blur. You brought back the sparkle with my diamond options!


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