Why Images Of Diamonds Are So Important


Hi Liz,

What do you think of this diamond with the following specs?

Carat weight:1.20
Shape: Round
Clarity: IF
Cut: True HeartsTM Ideal
Setting: Solitaire




Hi Mike,

As you have not provided a link, I cannot confirm cut precision or optical symmetry without additional light performance or magnified images and HD video. However, I do have to say that James Allen’s True Hearts diamonds are not consistently cut well. This is unfortunate to the consumer as they think they are getting a super-ideal hearts and arrows diamonds on par with Brian Gavin Diamonds but these diamonds are not the same cut quality.

Missing Arrow

Magnified diamond pictures and images reveal information not found on a typical gem lab reports. In this example, GIA graded this diamond an ‘Excellent’ however one arrow is obviously missing from all images. This is because GIA uses rounded averages for their proportions on their lab reports. Rounded numbers do not tell the whole story of how well a diamond is cut; it is meant as a guide and not a fool-proof evaluation tool.

Many people think they can evaluate diamonds based on hard numbers alone. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. A clear example of this would be this 1.51ct H SI2 for $7,750: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R151-81M84U (used as an example, not a diamond that is for your specific specs). On paper this diamond has gorgeous proportions and even gets a 1.6 score on the Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA score)!  The GIA report shows an Excellent cut diamond with very good symmetry and excellent polish. However, if you look at the images of this diamond you’ll see an obvious flaw. Where is the missing arrow?

Obviously there are major limitations if you are relying only lab reports and generic algorithms for comprehensive diamond evaluation. That is why you should always rely on actual images and videos to fully assess any diamond.

HCA Tool

The HCA tool estimates a round diamond’s appeal based on its potential Light Return, Fire, Scintillation and Spread. HCA gets no info on symmetry, polish or minor facets which is why the score for this diamond is great but the actual optical symmetry is poor.

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As for your specs, I have done a new search for you and found this gorgeous ideal cut diamond with beautiful optical symmetry for just under $13K: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/Round/GIA-Certified-1,31-Carat-E-Color-VS1-Clarity-Diamond-3MF4DE

Savings here is in the clarity grade, which doesn’t affect the visual brilliance in anyway. To your eye an internally flawless and VS1 diamond will look the same as both are eye-clean. In this example, you are also getting  larger diamond for less cash. So my vote is this 1.31ct for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Take care,


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