Man Made Diamonds Are 100% Real Diamonds

Man-Made/Lab-Created/Synthetic Diamonds

What do man-made, lab-created, lab-grown and synthetic diamonds have in common? They are all REAL, authentic diamonds! Are you confused? Don’t be. Man-made and lab-created diamonds are both considered synthetic diamonds, which are diamonds that have been produced in a technological vs. a geological process.

Man Made Diamonds vs. Earth Mined DiamondsThese diamonds are 100% real diamonds in that there is no difference in their optical, chemical, thermal, and physical properties as compared to naturally formed diamonds. These pure carbon diamonds are exactly the same as naturally formed diamonds with the exception that they were grown in a laboratory setting rather than formed naturally deep in the earth.
Simulated diamonds on the other hand are imitation gems that are made to ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like a real diamond. These include; cubic zirconia (CZ) and moissanite. These simulated diamonds have different atomic and chemical properties from a 100% carbon based diamond.

Lab-Grown Diamond Advantages

Since lab-grown diamonds are man-made in laboratories, they offer several advantages over naturally formed diamonds. One of the biggest advantages is that they are often cheaper than natural diamonds. In fact, in some cases synthetic diamonds can be found from 10-50% less expensive than naturally formed diamonds because they cost less to produce (no labor or mining costs, etc.)
Man-made diamonds are also completely ethical and 100% conflict free. For many people this is a very big advantage as blood diamonds are a growing concern within the diamond industry. Although sanctions have been put in place to try and keep blood diamonds out from the international diamond market, there are still people selling these blood diamonds through other means just to gain a profit. The only way to be 100% sure that a diamond isn’t the result of blood-shed and war is to buy a man-made diamond.
Man Made DiamondMan-made diamonds are also socially responsible in that they are eco-friendly as they require no mining or disruption of the earth’s natural resources. Because mining isn’t required, the earth doesn’t suffer drained lakes, explosives, and damage to eco-systems.

Man-Made Diamond Controversy In The Diamond Industry

As with any new change there will always be a lag in adoption as well as criticism. Man-made/Lab-grown diamonds are no different. The pro-natural diamond dealers and sellers are threatened at the advancements in technology in producing gem quality diamonds and are now calling earth mined diamonds ‘real’ diamonds in an attempt to dissuade the public from investigating a perfectly viable lab-grown diamond. Despite this however, what was once a huge taboo is now suddenly becoming commonplace. A recent article in JCK magazine reported that jewelry heavy-weight Helzberg and even Sam’s Club in the USA are selling lab-grown diamonds to their customer base. This clearly shows that the industry is changing and will soon erupt to a larger divide between natural vs. lab-grown diamonds.

As with everything, it must be remembered that these differences of opinion are largely based on business decisions as the diamond industry has gone from a monopoly to an oligopoly. It is no secret that diamonds have had a sordid past in terms of marketing and manipulation, however this hasn’t stopped the public from buying diamonds or investing in them. It is unknown how things will pan out, but the fact of the matter is that lab-grown diamonds are indeed real diamonds and if anything, they provide more choice and options for consumers.

What About Ideal Cut Lab-Grown/Man-Made Diamonds?

Cut as you know is the most important aspect to consider when evaluating a diamond. This doesn’t change with lab-grown diamonds. However, finding a retailer that provides ASET, ideal-scope, H&A, and 360 HD videos of their lab-grown diamonds is truly akin to finding a needle in a haystack. The truth is that since lab-grown diamonds are still relatively new to the market, there aren’t many out there that will go the extra mile in producing ideal cut round, princess and cushion cut lab-grown diamonds with top of the line light performance specs.

What Do YOU Think?

It’s clear to see that man-made diamonds are socially, environmentally, and economically responsible. So, after knowing that there isn’t any real difference between lab-grown diamonds vs. naturally formed diamonds, does this change your opinion on them? Would you ever buy a man-made diamond engagement ring?

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