Most Iconic Engagement Rings – Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Queen Elizabeth, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Middleton

Engagement rings are as diverse and varied as their owners so it should go as no surprise that the world’s most iconic engagement rings fit their owners personalities to a tee. In this insightful infographic created by George Pragnell (3rd generation run family jewelry company, based in the UK), we can easily see how jewelry is used as ornamentation to exaggerate the owner’s unique flair and strengths.

When Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip in 1946, we see a somewhat understated 3ct round solitaire set in platinum and surrounded by small melee diamonds. Considering this ring was made specifically for the Queen of England, this ring is quite sedate but does offer insight into the wearer’s personality. Perhaps Elizabeth thought that a larger diamond would be garish or uncouth with the circles that she surrounded herself with. She certainly didn’t need to flaunt her obvious lineage or resulting treasures from time gone past. In fact, when you consider England’s rich history this ring is actually quite fitting for a Queen that continues to reign in reserved strength today.

By contrast, Audrey Hepburn’s three stackable wedding rings goes against convention but still remains classy and understated. Audrey enjoyed standing out but in a subtle and elegant way that stood the test of time. Afterall, we are still mesmerized by her iconic character Holly Golightly in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These three rings of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold fit her perfectly.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s gorgeous emerald and diamond yellow gold ring is perhaps my favorite. It is also in my opinion the most daring and creative. The diamond and emerald share the center space while marquise diamonds delicately envelope each stone gently drawing attention to the center. Along the shank of the ring we see melee diamonds in a pave setting lending the overall look to be attention grabbing and also extremely unique. This ring will not be confused with any other as the unique design was created exclusively for Jacqueline’s love of emeralds.

A more popular ring that has been copied over and over again is Grace Kelly’s large tapered corner emerald cut diamond with diamond baguettes on the side. Most anyone can find a similar design in any jewelry store as the design is classic and timeless – just like Grace.

A similar design to Grace Kelly’s ring is Elizabeth Taylor’s very large 33.19ct diamond, now called ‘The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond’ set in platinum and also with tapered baguette side stones. Elizabeth’s love of diamonds and jewelry is well known and she famously had an encounter with Princess Margaret to which she stated that the ring was vulger due to its ostentation size. Elizabeth offered for the Princess to try it on and she obviously enjoyed the marvel on her fingers. Elizabeth took the opportunity to wittily reply, “Not so vulgar anymore, is it?” Ah, I just love Liz!

Finally, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was famously handed down to her from the late Princess Diana. As a Princess that must follow royal decorum, I suppose this ring has it’s place. However, I wonder if Kate ever thought about wearing a different ring all her own? We’ll never know. Suffice it to say, the sapphire surrounded by diamonds and set in yellow gold fits Kate well and will always be cherished and remembered.

The Worlds Most Iconic Engagement Rings
Produced by George Pragnell

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