A Review of Four Brian Gavin Diamonds


Hello Liz,

Great website. I’m wondering if you would be able to give me some advice. Since Cut is Queen, I’m looking for a super ideal H&A. I would also like at least 1.3ct, VS1 or VS2, originally was thinking F color but now I think G or H would be a better value, once I see a couple in person I can get a better idea of G vs H. Budget is up to around 15,000 cash for just the diamond. It will be in a white gold solitaire setting. I have an appointment to look at the Hearts on Fire diamonds at the local dealer, but have been also looking at the Brian Gavin website. I noticed you gave Brian Gavin a great review and wanted to get your opinion of these and see what you think is my best choice.

1.413ct G VS1 – this is the one I was leaning towards originally, The color and clarity grade are right where I want to be, and the cut is within the “super ideal” range. The images look great to my untrained eye. Price is right at the edge of my comfort zone.

1.31ct H VS2 – With only approximately .15mm diameter size difference between this and the 1.413 this one might be great way to save a few dollars. I don’t know if I would notice the difference between VS1 and VS2 without carrying around a loupe. The big question is how much better would the G color be vs this one being an H. The approximately $4000 difference makes this one seem very attractive. They don’t have the images up for it but it says they should have them soon, and I would want to see them first.

1.428ct G VS2 – this one has what I’m looking for as far as “the 4 C’s” and is at a reasonable price, but is part of the Blue Collection. I’m not so sure about the strong blue fluorescence since I have not seen it in real life, but the video they have looks interesting. This one is also waiting on images. I also noticed that the diamonds in this collection don’t usually have a hearts image, does that mean they are not really H&A and should I be concerned?

1.65ct H VS2 – this one looks like the cut proportions about as close to perfectly centered as possible, but the inclusions seemed very visible to me in the video. Price is a little outside my range, but if it’s really worth it I might be able to stretch it in a few weeks

I would really appreciate if you can look through the specifications, certificates, and images on these and give me some guidance. Or let me know if you have any other diamonds you would recommend from another vendor.




Hello Peter,

I’m happy to provide my opinion on your selected BGD diamonds.

The 1.413ct G VS1: is by all accounts a perfect contender. It does however come with a price tag that is in line with the color/clarity and carat weight.

The 1.310ct H VS2: has a medium sized crystal under a kite facet. You can see the dark crystal in the HD video but it isn’t readily noticeable. Although not an eye-clean stone, the inclusion isn’t under the table facet which is perfectly acceptable if you wanted to save some cash.

1.428 G VS2 Signature Blue Round

Brian Gavin Signature ‘Blue’ 1.428 G VS2

The 1.428ct G VS2: has lots of tiny scattered crystals but they are for the most part not visible. I’d say that this is a great VS2. The blue fluorescence is simply an identifying characteristic and does not interfere with brilliance or transparency. It’s more a matter of preference. Diamonds with fluorescence are sold at a discount which many people prefer to take advantage of. As for the H&A image, BGD simply didn’t post one on this diamond. I’d ask for them to post it so you can review it. BGD’s Signature Blue diamonds are also super-ideal H&A diamonds.

The 1.650ct H VS2: offers a much larger diamond but the cost also reflects this. There are also inclusions that are easily visible in the magnified video, but again would be difficult to detect without a visual aid.

It really depends on what your preference is. Do you prefer the largest diamond for your budget? If so, the 1.65ct H VS2 would be a great choice. Do you want a slightly smaller diamond but with no visible inclusions? Then I recommend the 1.428ct G VS2.

Kind Regards,


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